Tonight's VP debate

Obama didn't make mistakes; he just missed opportunities. He rambled while Romney was crisp. He was passive while Romney was assertive. Romney's sudden shift from right-wing rhetoric to moderate reason seemed to throw Obama off balance. Romney looked straight into the camera when he spoke; Obama's eyes were too often focused elsewhere.

Here's hoping that VP Joe Biden can give a great debate performance tonight. Read more here, commentary from McClatchy news.


Donna Brazile on Twitter about debate

Donna Brazile ‏@donnabrazile

“@GetJetMag: Biden is not letting Ryan get away with anything tonight. Now THIS is a debate. #VPDebate” #BidenRocks

Martha Brock

Ryan on Roe v Wade

Walton Robinson ‏@WaltonRobinson

Funny how Paul Ryan's talk about faith always omits fact that his idol, Ayn Rand, was a devout atheist. #NCPOL #vpdebate

on the Dem side: CNN Breaking News ‏@cnnbrk

Biden says he believes life begins at conception, but he says he refuses to impose that on others. #cnndebate

Martha Brock

Biden kicked ass

Ryan adopted Romney's "Gish Gallop" approach of lobbing out bullshit and hoping something would stick.

Main point for me? Ryan wants to make America a wholly owned subsidiary of the Catholic Church. To hell with that.

Martha did a decent job keeping the guys in line. Too bad she's not doing the next presidential debate.

Biden nailed it when discussing upcoming court appointments

with mentioning Robert Bork, Joe is hitting on ALL cylinders tonight. Excellent.

The future SCOTUS nominations are VITAL.

Martha Brock

Biden 50% Ryan 31% CBS Poll

"A CBS News/GFK poll of 500 uncommitted voters gives Biden 50% edge to Ryan's 31%"

I believe CBS was the pollster last time that everyone used to say Romney won the first round. If you trusted them then, then this was a blow out for Joe!

Joe kicked butt on Lyin' Ryan

Give 'em hell, Joe. You rawk.

(I decided since I been a member here for 4½ years, maybe it's time to put my oar in the water.)

Now we need a stellar performance next Tues. and life can regain its balance some.

Proud member of BlueNC for more than 9 years

Joe made Ryan out for what he is...

a little needle-dicked bug f..ker who's only strength is lies, misrepresentations, and reliance on ignorance, bigotry and greed.

Stan Bozarth