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Alabama Attorney General Troy King wants to set an execution date for Tommy Arthur, convicted of murder in 1982, despite Arthur's claims that DNA testing would exonerate him. Arthur's execution was stayed by the U.S. Supreme Court in December to hear arguments in a Kentucky case regarding lethal injection, but last week the court ruled 7-2 that the procedure was constitutional so executions can resume. Alabama is one of eight states that does not require DNA testing in capital cases. (

The North Carolina law requiring taping of police interviews with homicide suspects took effect last month. Most police departments already have the necessary equipment on hand but some are slow to implement it. (

The sole fingerprint taken from a car in a 1997 Virginia carjacking case did not match any from Aquil J. Wiggins, who was convicted 9 years ago for the crime. The prosecution was aware of the fingerprint, but did not share it with the defense, Wiggins' former lawyer claims. The police detective who led the investigation testified that there were "no usable fingerprints" on the victim's car. This revelation could lead to Wiggins's release. (

GritsForBreakfast has a report from the 3rd annual Actual Innocence conference. (

The court of Criminal Appeals is again trying to have DNA evidence that fails to connect Michael Blair, who has served 14 years on death row, to the Plano, TX murder which put him there. Norman Roberts argues that no reasonable prosecutor would try him based on what evidence is left. (

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