The tragedy that is Senator Thom Tillis

If you follow the never-ending propaganda produced by Thom Tillis, you know the junior Senator from North Carolina has recently shifted into full-scale campaign mode. After four years of literally doing nothing, Tillis seems to realize that two more lackluster years would cost him dearly. As a result, he is literally scrambling to rehabilitate his image. It's not going well.

This month, he's been trying to claim the mantle of reasonableness by declaring he's a "bipartisan" kind of guy. On Facebook and in press releases, the word "bipartisan" has magically appeared hundreds of times in the past few weeks, and there's no mystery as to why. Tillis may be a lot of things, but he's not stupid; he sees that the country is sick of party-line politics. But instead of actually being bipartisan, Tillis offers nothing more than happy talk. He's standing with Trump on the ridiculous wall and doing nothing to end a shutdown that is costing Americans millions of dollars a day. When asked why he's not doing more, poor old Thom says, Hey, I'm just a junior Senator. I can't make anything happen.

That, of course, is pure bullshit. If Tillis were interested in holding Trump accountable, he could use his mighty megaphone to speak up and hold his party accountable. But he's not interested in any such thing. He'll never put himself or his cushy job on the line for the greater good. And that is the tragedy that is Senator Thom Tillis. A smart guy who puts his own ambition ahead of what's right and decent.

PS This analysis doesn't apply to Richard Burr, of course. First, Burr isn't very smart. And second, he's already on cruise-control, having announced he'll retire after his current term. Thank god.



Both Grier and Jeff are good choices

But that may be my Army blood talking. I've yet to meet Grier in person (it's on my political bucket list), but I met Jeff a few months ago at a Randolph County shindig. Great guy.

Deb Ross

I'd go to work for her in a heartbeat.