Triangle Region Special Transit Advisory Board report released

The Special Transit Advisory Commission (STAC) is made up of citizens and transportation specialists from throughout the Triangle area. The Capital Area MPO (CAMPO) and the Durham-Chapel Hill-Carrboro MPO (DCHC-MPO) have formed this advisory board to come up with a new set of transit and fixed-guideway (rail) plans to bring more and better transit options to the Triangle region. The report, with recommendations and some terrific maps of the options, is available for download from the Regional Transit Infrastructure Blueprint page.

I saw a presentation on this report last night from Triangle J Council of Governments (TJCOG), and I can't wait for a chance to read it carefully. I look forward to hearing your comments and questions as well, and would be happy to forward them to TJCOG, which is one of the report-generating entities which worked with the STAC in generating studies and gathering data.


Amazing graphic

Showing per capita spending on transportation.


That is an amazing graphic

Please notice where Mecklenburg County is in that and think about the fact that it is the most populated county in the state. Look right next to it at Union County in red. It is the fastest growing county in the state. Public transportation alone will not solve the problems for these counties, folks. I'm afraid we do need better roads and maybe even some new ones. Our light rail line is proving its value very quickly, but there isn't enough money to expand it quickly enough. This area needs a comprehensive roads/public transportation plan and we need the money to implement it now. It's quite obvious from that graphic that other areas of the state are well taken care of in this regard. For those of you who look at the total dollar amount and think Mecklenburg and surrounding counties get too much, think again.

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