Tribute to Congressman Brad Miller

The average IQ in the House is about to drop a little:

In Congress, Miller played a significant role in legislation related to economic recovery (he had graduate studies in economics as well as a law degree) and predatory mortgages. In any issue in which he became involved, Miller studied carefully and by the time he entered the debate, he knew what he was talking about.

You got that right. The first time I saw Brad on C-SPAN he was grilling some dude from AIG (I think it was), and the poor guy drained a whole carafe of ice water trying to replace the sweat. The thing is, he didn't bark and growl like some of his pompous colleagues; when you know your stuff, you don't have to. Here's just a glimpse of what we're losing:

Make no mistake, the redistricting that pulled Brad's seat out from under him wasn't just an afterthought, or merely one element of a state-wide approach, or some sort of payback for redistricting he took part in years ago. He was a threat to some very influential people, who are very skilled at shifting money around.

We can only hope that Congressman Miller will continue, in some capacity, to pursue questions and answers on public policy.


I suppose that's possible.

He might have aggravated bankers, prompting special attention back home by the new re-districting committee, no question. But a more likely explanation is that he was obnoxious to a lot of people during his statehouse days, and some folks have long memories. Particularly, a certain person who Miller double-bunked years ago, who returned to the Ledge after Miller went to Congress. That person then became the Chair of the re-districting committee. Karma.

On a side note and speaking as a disabled veteran who needed help, Miller's constituent service blows, so excuse me if I can't see him as a martyr to special interests.

Not that Holding is an improvement.

You did watch the video, right?

Trying to keep deployed soldiers from being foreclosed on is a somewhat important constituent service, too.

I would like to wholeheartedly second this OP

Brad Miller was a caring, intelligent and honorable congressman. I hope someday he will bring those same attributes to the Senate or, at least, back to the House.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?