Tuesday Twitter roundup

Never one to miss an opportunity for sour grapes:

If you had read the decision, you'd know that very issue (majority rule) was addressed and discarded, at least as it bears on equality. Which you demagogues should have known from the start.

Here's a little piece of advice: if your headline seems Onionish but you weren't trying to go there, you might be crossing the border into Absurdistan.

If there is any truth in that statement, it's because you Republicans have demonstrated time and again your propensity for punishing the poor and middle class in our state via budget shenanigans. Giving us a false choice between two budget plans that use teacher raises as red herrings to distract from the horrific mismanagement of the state's resources is behavior that should not be encouraged by Republicans, much less Democrats, so spare me the manufactured outrage.

I don't disagree, but you know what? Your efforts to distance yourself from teachers and their advocates, just so you could score brownie points with Neanderthals in the Legislature, might just be coming back to haunt you now. If your petard is feeling a little hoisted, maybe the discomfort will finally get through that thick skull. Live together, or die apart.

To be honest, he looks a little disappointed. To keep him quiet, the couple had promised to take him to Disneyworld, and he'd been making a list of the rides and exhibits he was going to hit first. One of the lesser-known tragedies associated with the kidnapping of simulacra.

Does that mean "no debate allowed" or none ventured? Because I can't imagine none of those Dem Senators had anything to say about this.

It would almost be worth waiting until disasters happen to see these guys crash and burn (or retire) during an election. Almost.

That moment when you realize somebody has a solution for a problem you didn't know existed...

The debate on this idiotic idea has been over for quite some time:

The idea of these Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) has persisted as conservative lawmakers across the country have implemented these plans, intended to cut healthcare costs. Right now in North Carolina, private practices and hospitals accept Medicaid, much as they would private insurance. Part of the problem with that has been unpredictable costs, and frequent cost overruns.

State Senators felt confident that giving a set amount of money to the MCOs and rewarding them for under spending would solve the state’s budget problems. It might solve the black-and-white numbers on paper, say critics, but patient care will surely suffer. A statement from North Carolina Medical Society reads, in part, “These outside managed care companies have a dismal history of success.”

The House of Representatives and the Governor both oppose this plan, so it has a slight chance of being implemented statewide. Instead, the results of passing such a contrary bill will reveal themselves in the coming weeks, as lawmakers in Raleigh fight to find consensus, dragging out even longer an expensive budget session, that is already a month longer than planned.

I wouldn't be so confident in said failure. The only thing many of those Republicans
are looking for is plausible deniability for these bad policy moves. If they feel they have that, they'll go along with anything.

I think you've got it bass-ackwards there, Becki. Most of those "technical corrections" originated with lobbyists, trying to tweak laws in their favor. Yes, there are some lobbyists there working hard for the people of the state, but most of them represent the leading edge of corporate interference.

On that nauseating note, here's your Onion for the day:

I hope I get an orange instead of an apple. There are at least three people at my lunch table who are in dire need of a citric acid squirt.


Good round-up

We don't know how you stomach it every week.

It's not easy

There's a whole lot of stupid in the Twitterverse, and trying to chronicle it is mind-numbing. But there are some important messages, too:

Needless to say, the puppies can't afford the most powerful lobbyists...

Could very well be true

And they might have just upped the ante on whether he'll veto the budget. Then again, it could be just more kabuki theatre.

He'll veto now

McCrory has the excuse he needs to veto. Puppies!

The legislatures will override.

The state will go bankrupt.

Art Pope will build more Dollar stores.

Same as it ever was.

To be accurate

"North Carolinians voted to put the marriage amendment in our constitution"

A minority of North Carolinians put the marriage amendment in our constitution during a Republican primary that didn't have the benefit of General Election turnout, and the language was confusing and misunderstood even by officials and by much of the public according to polling.

That's hardly a resounding reason to champion discrimination even if it was okay for majorities to use their will to take away rights and discrimination against minorities.

Yeah, I saw a comment

from John Robinson (former editor of N&R) that only 20% of registered voters were able to change our Constitution. And many of them wouldn't have done so if the wording hadn't been so benign-sounding. So only a fraction of a fraction actually intended to ban same sex marriage. Not even close to a mandate.

Naming names

If Berger and the legislature want to keep flogging the dead horse of banning gay marriage - and they could do it by hiring outside lawyers to represent one of the local defendents of the law in the case - would he like for someone in the LGBT community to do this?

A Houston LGBT Rights group has just published the names and addresses of everyone who signed the petition demanding HERO, the city's new anti-discrimination law, be put up for a vote in November. ... HEROpetition is in the process of publishing all the signatures collected by No Unequal Rights with the hope of disqualifying enough of them to keep HERO off the ballot. They claim to have evidence of fraud both in the collection of signatures and in the signatures themselves...

This is one of the reasons I've given up on NC liberal politics. Filing for the release of the names on the Amendment One petition would have been one of the first things that should have been done, not only to check the names for fraud, but also to give citizens clearer information on how the signatures were gathered and who was paying to create an unprecedented amendment to NC's constitution.