Tuesday Twitter roundup

More incomprehensible jibber-jabber from the DAG:

And when you're done, maybe you can get somebody to interpret the words that come out of your mouth.

Just to get this on another record:

Not holding my breath...

Not only can you get a tax break, but you can do all sorts of other things, like lay off your workers and then hire them back as "private contractors" and not pay any unemployment or workers comp insurance! Also, it's okay to lobby yourself, but you might want to put one of those Bluetooth thingies on your ear so people will think you're talking to someone else on the phone. You know how those peasants can be. If they think you're talking to yourself, they might think you're crazy. Or a witch. Warlock. Whatever.

Now you tell me! Actually, this is a good one to follow:

But please, #stop #hashtagging #every #word. #It #looks #terrible #and #does #nothing #for #your #social #presence (except you may start losing followers). #stopit.

I do get a kick out of hashtagging some phrases for comedic value. #notasfunnyashethinksheis.

Of course it's more complicated than that. But not much more.

Those caricatures are so good he doesn't need to put their names on them.

Art Pope's propaganda mill has mastered the "art" of shuffling numbers around to back up whatever partisan point they're trying to make. I don't even have to follow Becki's link to know what's "revealed" by their "research." It's like a really bad magic show, only using puppets.

Followed by the inevitable backlash:

"Hey!!! What the hell? Did you run out of other animals to demean with your bullshit comparisons? Or did you just flip through the dictionary and land on 'Marmots'? I gotta tell you, we generally keep to ourselves and avoid talking about politics and religion, but if you keep this up, we will bite you. Hard."

Resign for what? Doing his job? If you want to talk about people who should resign, we can start with the leadership in the US House. You think that's hyperbole? Okay then, tell me what they've accomplished in the last two years, other than voting three score times to repeal the ACA. I'm waiting...

Unfortunately, most GOP voters don't really care about those things. Or they'll be glad he did them, which is worse.

On that frustrating note, it's Onion time:

:) Okay, that's a little obscure to the non-writer. Here's another:



Mixing it up

So this may be about Twitter Tuesday, but I saw some photos on facebook that I really liked for Mountain Moral Monday this week and wanted to share:

More than welcome, Jake

It's all good. Hell, I spent over an hour searching for a Marmot picture that portrayed an adequate level of pissed-off varmint. ;)

Marmota Monax

All groundhogs are Marmots, but not all Marmots are groundhogs. If that makes sense at all. And 42% of Marmots are Libertarians, but only a fraction of them have read Adam Smith...

I'm gonna have to

rap a few interpolations about that.

Or crap up a few perturbations.


"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014