Tuesday Twitter roundup

The sacrificial lamb bleats:

I hope you haven't eaten yet, because this is seriously nauseating:

I understand a very liberal editorial board constantly challenging our administration on issues such as tax reform and unemployment reform. However, giving your readers the false impression that we intentionally hid the selling of his utility stock is totally misleading and disingenuous. In fact, it was Gov. McCrory that ensured that the media was notified shortly after divesting all of his retirement stock in April and the media reported it.

Let me be perfectly clear, my interpretation of the governor’s annual disclosure form was incorrect. At a minimum, the language is poorly worded. In fact, the ethics commission staff even acknowledged to us that many other public servants have interpreted the question the way I did. But the governor takes all ethics and integrity issues very seriously. Not surprisingly, Gov. McCrory immediately directed us to correct the error following my conversation with the ethics commission staff.

I’m proud of Gov. McCrory’s record of high ethics and integrity during his entire career in public service along with his 29 years as an employee of Duke Energy. In fact, one of the most often repeated directions I hear Gov. McCrory give to members of his administration is: “Do the right thing.”

Like many others following this story, I have yet to see a single public servant say, "Yeah, I had a problem with it, too!" Just the opposite, actually. Be that as it may, there are two issues here. The selling of the stock, and the reporting of the ownership of said stock. The fact that McCrory made a conscious decision to dump his holdings before Duke Energy reported to the NCGA the estimated costs of $10 billion to clean up/secure its coal ash ponds is not in question, nor is the fact that his office and his minion at DENR were in close contact with Duke Energy officials in the weeks leading up to the sale of the stocks. It stinks, and no amount of cheesing by his attorney will take away that smell.

Too many empty seats in there...

If more of our politicians were like Bernie Sanders, our country would be in a lot better shape.

Now I know what I want for Christmas! Just kidding. A gift like that might force me to tear out my own eardrums...

We're going to stop this right-wing bullshit meme in its tracks, before the ignorance can reach the floor of the NCGA. They aren't Solar Photovoltaic panels, they're fricking mirrors, intentionally focusing the sun's rays to make steam:

The $2.2 billion plant, which launched in February, is at Ivanpah Dry Lake near the California-Nevada border. More than 300,000 mirrors reflect solar rays onto three boiler towers up to 40 stories high. Water inside is heated to produce steam, which turns turbines that generate enough electricity for 140,000 homes. The new plant would have towers up to 75 stories high. Federal wildlife officials said Ivanpah’s bright light might be attracting insects, which in turn attract insect-eating birds. But Ivanpah officials say at least some of the puffs of smoke mark insects and bits of airborne trash being ignited.

This might be a bad (or poorly thought-out) idea. But it's not Solar power, it's steam power, fuelled by concentrated Solar rays. And if any Republican lawmaker tries to use this in session or in social media, you will be made even more of a laughingstock than you already are.

Actually, it shows there is a distinct difference between being a Republican and being a free-market ideologue. And it's a good bet if this bill didn't (also) extend the tax credit for green energy Solar projects Americans For the Prosperous oil companies wouldn't have taken this stance opposing it. Common sense says if something is working, like our leading the South in Solar energy generation, you don't screw it up. I'm sure that pisses you off, that lawmakers would consider real-world issues instead of your manufactured voodoo economics, but for the rest of us it represents a tiny bit of hope.

On that totally predictable note, here's your Onion:




I don't know how you do it every week, but thanks nonetheless.

However, it is good for my diet and fitness. I can't eat anything before or after the Tuesday round up. Let there be fast!

Crap. I just realized

my top Tweet is the same story that NCNative covered late yesterday. ;/ Steve is not paying attention like he should be...

It's all good

Conventional wisdom says people need to see something at least three time for it to stick. Do it again!

McCrory's crisis

Steve, keep hammering away on these dolts (McCrory & Stephens) everyday, every hour; every minute. And, it's also about time the Ethics Commission piped up. James has expressed my sentiments superbly. By the way, Taylor Swift appears sparkling this morning.

Gov. McCrory’s record of high ethics and integrity

If you really believe that, Bob, then you must also admire the integrity and ethics of Bernie Madoff, Kenneth Lay and Bernie Ebbers.

Speaking of high ethics, could you maybe tell us just a few of all those other folks who you claim "made the same mistake"?

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014