Tuesday Twitter roundup

A story that is definitely not ready to die yet:

JamesProtzman 4:28pm via Facebook
NBC-17 Investigates: Documents shed light on what McCrory knew before controversial vote fb.me/HLM7iFn9

If Myers Park Pat wants to blame somebody for why this incident is coming back to haunt him, he need only look in the mirror. He's gone out of his way to conceal so many aspects of his career (whatever that is), any information that surfaces is valuable. And when that information reveals base and unethical behavior in a candidate for Governor, the value to the voters of this state becomes incalculable.

SteveArnold1610 1:24pm via web
RT @DrTrudyWade: Chuck Norris: Voter fraud is the way to America’s destruction npaper-wehaa.com/yes-weekly/201… #consnc #ncgop #gop #nccot #ncga #ncpol #RomneyRyan2012

And Chuck Norris' opinion is important...why?
And besides, that's not the real Chuck Norris. Bruce Lee broke his neck at the Coliseum in Rome back in the 1970's. I saw it happen.

StopItMoffitt Will @michaelfmuller & @TimMoffitt tell the truth about mysterious 'hacker'? bit.ly/NHfBQU #coverup #avlelect #NCGA #avlgov #NCpol

This is another one of those idiot Republican speaks his mind before said mind can catch up and recommend caution thingies:

An unusual tweet that appeared Thursday on the official Twitter account of N.C. Rep. Tim Moffitt has raised questions, and more than a few eyebrows.

The tweet, which was erased quickly from Moffitt’s Twitter stream (@TimMoffitt), was captured by several followers. It read:

"They should lock up all the gays on their own island. Except for the lesbians. Y’all can have them!"

That tweet was followed by this on Moffitt’s Twitter account:

"Please accept my apologies. My account has been hacked once again."

Several observers wondered aloud if the offending tweet was actually written by Michael Muller, a former Mountain Xpress reporter and political operative who has worked for several campaigns for Republicans seeking elected office. The allegation is that Muller is working for Moffitt, has access to Moffitt’s account and wrongly wrote under said account, rather than Muller’s own personal account. Muller is known as an often outrageous Twitter personality who has been critical of Moffitt’s political opponent in this year’s election.

Dude can't even tell a joke right. If you're going to keep the lesbians, it's because you have some naive porn-inspired fantasy about becoming the trois in a menage. So why would you say "Y'all can have them!"? It makes no sense.

adulin 11:19am via Seesmic
Just paid $3.33 for reg gas in SC. Less tax = more spending. #ncga #ncGov #meckgop #ncdem

Yeah, but they don't have anything in SC that I want to buy. Except maybe fireworks. Our fireworks suck.

NCPoliticalBeat [Under the Dome] Magazine ranks North Carolina No. 5 nationally for business bit.ly/P0lIAB #NCPol

And this is even more relevant to the election at hand:

North Carolina was also ranked second in the country for certified sites or shovel-ready programs — a result of its recently updated Certified Sites Program. This database is available to companies and consultants and provides detailed information on all shovel-ready sites, including environmental tests, soil conditions, existing infrastructure and utilities, pricing information, etc.

And we didn't get that way by cutting taxes and slashing government spending, which has the potential to reverse our standing.

Blueberrier0341 6:04pm via web
Anti-fracking Environmental Wackos protest at NC gov't building rushradio945.com/cc-common/main… #ConsNC #NCPOL #NC #RedNC #tcot #p2

Yeah, because standing up for our environment and our health is such a "wacky" thing to do. The real definition of "wacky" is someone who refuses to question bent politicians and corporate mouthpieces, and just lies there with his mouth agape like a baby bird.

taiyyaba 6:31pm via Tweetbot for iOS
RT @wccubbison: Since I just got an election law question. Always call 1-866-OUR-VOTE ( 1-866-687-8683 )! if you have a legal question #ncpol

Thanks, Cubby.

And here's your no-tears Onion for the week:

The Onion‏@TheOnion The Onion Endorses John Edwards For President http://onion.com/OPDCG3

Okay, after my son read this to me Saturday while I was trying to drive, I decided to share it with you folks. It's...kind of inappropriate, so you may want to take a powder:

Furthermore, Mr. Edwards conducted a protracted extramarital affair with a younger woman while his wife was dying of cancer, and we like that he did this. Our reasons for liking that he did this are tenfold:

1. It was a brave thing to do, given the possible consequences

2. The woman in question was more attractive than Mr. Edwards’ wife

3. He did what he did without compromising his ideals, at least not to any illegal extent

4. He enjoyed himself, and good for him

5. The Onion believes sex is a natural and healthy biological function

6. Women have a weakness for men in powerful positions, and Mr. Edwards expertly exploited that weakness

7. Mr. Edwards’ “Two Americas” premise is very appealing

8. Again, his wife was dying of cancer, and thus was not an ideal partner for sexual intercourse

9. Mr. Edwards is attractive, and it is pleasing to imagine him having sexual intercourse with another attractive person

10. Every employee of this newspaper would have done the exact same thing, given the opportunity

Those who oppose John Edwards’ rightful ascent to our nation's highest office are, in no uncertain terms, cowards and hypocrites.

They are also fools.

Those who disagree with our editorial board on this issue have neither our respect nor our tolerance. Furthermore, let it be known that the political endorsement of The Onion is not a thing to be taken lightly. On the contrary, it should be viewed as a sort of line in the proverbial sand, and those who find themselves on the wrong side of that line will henceforth be marked as enemies of this newspaper, and will be taken out with the most extreme forms of violence.

I think it was at this point that I swerved dangerously, and had to call a halt to the reading.