Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start with one of the GOP's worst in a long list of bad ideas:

ABLWV 9:57am via Twitter for iPhone 53% of NC's tax revenue comes from personal income tax. (We'd have to dramatically expand sales tax if eliminated.) #ncpol

And commerce (as we know it now) would cease to exist. Just because somebody retains more of their income, it doesn't automatically follow that they would ignore a huge jump in the point-of-sale price of goods. This is a major leap of faith on the part of "Fair" Tax proponents, who simply ignore the obvious:

The basic and simple problem is that trying to charge 25% or so in one single step at that point of final retail sale is too high a tax rate for it to be regularly achievable. You would almost immediately have a spate of long firm frauds. Plus a general move towards a grey, cash based, economy which simply ignored the existence of the tax.

I'm sure that last part would please some of the more fringe elements on the right, who simply love the idea of a system of commerce that circumvents the government completely. But those of us who live in the real world only go to flea markets for used paperbacks and kitchy lamps.

RhiFionn 10:13am via TweetDeck
RT @EnvironmentNC: Check out this story by Stewart Boss on the status of the environment with the current GA. bit.ly/Ymnr8y #ncga


Still, many of the setbacks in environmental programs or policies haven’t been high-profile battles. For example, legislators have dramatically cut funding in recent years to the Clean Water Management Trust Fund, a program run by the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) that gives grants to local governments and other groups to fix water pollution problems. The fund was created in 1996 in response to public outcry over fish kills caused by pollution in the Neuse River. At its peak in the 2007-2008 budget, the trust fund received $100 million annually from the N.C. General Assembly. By 2011-2012, that amount was slashed almost 90 percent to less than $12 million.

markshiver 10:27am via web
@SenatorBerger to reappoint Sen. Apodaca as rules chair. Outstanding! He did a fabulous job last session, & will do so again. #ncpol #ncga

If you mean burying legislation he doesn't like, stifling debate from Democrats, and bending the rules to get bad laws passed, then yes, he did a fabulous job.

Somewhat related:

BarOfSoap 11:30am via TweetDeck
Petition to permit a floor debate on the matter of legalizing medical cannabis in NC at the #NCGA bit.ly/125wud5#ncpol #avlgov

Apparently they've forgotten where we live...

betseyross 9:20pm via HootSuite
PUSHBACK: Is It Time for ‘Make Your Own Mohammed Movie Month’? ht.ly/fWXno #tcot #ocra #teaparty #ncpol #lnyhbt

Oh, that's brilliant. Let's see how much unnecessary violence we can provoke just to prove the point that Muslims can be violent if provoked. Idiots.

NCPoliticalBeat 12:20pm via dlvr.it
[Under the Dome] Carter Wrenn: Did Walter Jones get the boot because he was too conservative? bit.ly/S507td #NCPol

No, Walter Jones got the boot because he's not nearly as easy to manipulate as most other Republicans.

NCJustice RT @NCWorkersRights: An estimated 100k North Carolinians could lose #unemployment benefits @newsobserver @ncjustice #ncpol

The sad part is, half of those folks will still end up voting for Republicans down the road.

Here's your Onion for the week:

The Onion‏@TheOnion

Shopping for coworkers? Try buying the first worthless piece of crap you see when you walk in the store http://onion.com/QT5NFe


Instructional postscript

ProLifePolitics 7:02pm via web
Liberals are apparently not pro-"choice" enough to support choice of license plates. news.yahoo.com/north-carolina… #prolife #ncpol

Pay attention, Einstein: this issue was brought before the courts because Republicans in the General Assembly blocked efforts to give people the choice of license plates. From your own link:

The ACLU filed a lawsuit in September 2011 after state legislators approved the "Choose Life" plate but refused to authorize voluntary license plates with abortion rights slogans such as "Respect Choice."

Here's an extra bonus (is that redundant?) for you loyal readers:

stevencharrison 7:36pm via HootSuite
We should have a license plate that reads: "My Mom Chose Wrongly"

I just said that outloud, and laughed, like four times in a row. #losing