Tuesday Twitter roundup

Big Brother Pat wants to see your insides:

The next time a Tea Partier spouts off about freedom and liberty, ask ‘em about this:

Earlier this year, Governor McCrory signed a bill into law requiring doctors to submit the private ultrasound images of patients seeking an abortion directly to the state government.
On January 1, 2016 this invasive law goes into effect, and the state will begin collecting women's ultrasound images without their consent or even their knowledge.
This is an unacceptable betrayal of NC women. State bureaucrats have no business coming between a woman and her doctor and storing medical records that should be personal and private.
The intent of this law is clear- to shame women and intimidate the doctors who care for them.

If this isn’t a gross violation of HIPAA, I don’t know what is.

The truth hurts, doesn’t it? When you spend all day posting anti-Muslim rants, it’s somewhere between a phobia and an obsession. Get help.

“Transformational reforms” translated: Cutting programs for the needy in order to fatten the wallets of those who need nothing.

Next sales pitch: “Earthquake insurance. For when life shakes you up.”

Don't really have anything to say about this, I just liked the photo. Okay, I will say this: I've had a few very close friends get hit by cars while riding their bikes, or crowded off the road to the point they were injured crashing into a ditch or a road sign. Share the fricking road, people. If you're running late and can't afford to wait for thirty seconds until traffic clears to the point you can go around safely, don't make somebody else pay for your idiotic decision to wait until the last minute to leave home.

No big surprise there. I don't doubt there's been some backroom payoffs over here, as well. Side note: Because I'm such a geography/history geek, I got a medium-sized rush over posting something with "Catalan" in the text. :)

Meh. Getting tired of looking at pictures of old white men being congratulated for still being alive...

It never ceases to amaze me the depths that right-wing Twits will go. Or what Forbes decides is worth printing:

At which point we need to be congratulating Kentucky on one event there: the income Governor has just decided to lower the minimum wage. Given that a high minimum wage is indeed an economic error and thus bad public policy the reversal is good news. So, congratulations and Hurrah! to the good people of Kentucky. And yes, it really is true that the minimum wage should have come down again: wages in general in Kentucky are lower than much of the rest of the country and thus if we’re going to have a minimum wage at all then that should also be lower.

First of all, that's "incoming" Governor, you dangling chad. Secondly, falling average wages should also lower the minimum wage? A factor that has nothing to do with the cost of living? Why am I asking you any questions, you're apparently incapable of grasping reality...

On that inscrutable note, here's your Onion: