Tuesday Twitter roundup

A critical year ahead for environmental conservation:

And a new term to add to the discussion, Environomics:

Wood pellets as an energy source: There's been a growing demand in Europe for imported wood pellets as a "renewable" energy source. Guess where a lot of the export is coming from? Forest conservation advocates are worried about the potential for feeding our southern forests into the chipper.

The demise of the "clean coal" concept and the future of coal: Most conservationists recognized this idea as a chimera from the start, but for years the idea was propounded of so-called "clean coal" plants, which burned coal but captured the resulting carbon dioxide in a sink of some kind. Technologically possible in concept, in reality they're so expensive the economics just don't work. A supposedly model plant in Mississippi has seen its construction costs balloon to $6.5 billion, at least three times the original estimate. This may be another nail in the coffin of the coal economy, in addition to the rise of more cost-effective alternatives, enduring air pollution issues, and climate concerns. Will its collapse accelerate?

Hogging the water: We've dealt for years with the water and air pollution problems produced by factory-style hog farms, and those remain issues of environmental concern for many rural areas in our state. Now, in some parts of the country these CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations) are competing even with row-crop agriculture for limited supplies of clean water (especially groundwater). North Carolina's having a wet year now, but longer-term climate projections suggest that we may end up dealing with cycles of severe drought as well. Will these issues intersect?

On that last (and in my opinion most important) subject, while California may not be an ideal microcosm to study due to its "developed desert" nature in the Southern part of the state, when farms are so starved for water they're happy to use drilling wastewater to irrigate fruit and vegetable crops, you really are scraping the bottom of the barrel. We need to make sure North Carolina's fresh water resources *never* reach that level of overuse and abuse.

I have so many "golden shovels" jokes perking in my head right now it's plain I need a hobby, or a girlfriend, or maybe a grilfriend that enjoys the same hobby as I do...Anyway, I'll just leave it at "bullshit" for now.

Okay, there's no way in hell this particular Jane Doe (if that's her real name) was born in 1957. That's three years before me, and even when I look at myself in my magical bathroom mirror, I look old enough to be her father's older brother. It's just not fair.

That's pretty dang funny, right there. On the negative side, I'm actually taking my mom to her bridge club right about the time you're reading this, and since I am stricken with a mild form of tourette's, it's very possible I will blurt something out in reference to stupid Republicans and their toll roads. I'll be lucky to escape with most of my skin...

Unless you want to have an abortion, or feed your kids, or get them a decent education. Idiot.

Here's a little piece of advice: When your other "news" entity is exposed as a conservative propaganda outlet, you might want to change the appearance (even slightly) of any new attempts to snooker people. I'm just saying, there's lazy and then there's real fucking lazy, and this is the latter.

See if you can spot the glaring contradiction in her diatribe:

Our founders were clear that the power of the purse was to be used as a weapon by the immediate representatives of the people. It doesn’t matter if Obamacare or anything else is ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court, the House has the duty and obligation not to fund anything we the people have decided we do not want funded....

Instead of using this power of the purse to defund Obama’s executive amnesty, something every representative in the House knew was unconstitutional, the House funded it and filed a lawsuit against Barack Obama. When the courts ruled Obama’s executive amnesty to be unconstitutional, every Representative in Congress who voted to fund his unconstitutional act, should have been held accountable.

Get it? The US Supreme Court is to be ignored if they don't rule the way you want them to, but if a lower (civil) court decides something, you damn well better follow it. She's nothing more than a lunatic arguing with her television, but the RW Twits love her to death. Go figure.

Yeah, that's just what the elections board needs, a real estate attorney. ;/

I can't help but wonder how many of those excited folks will be biting off a piece of that borrowed money. We already know who's going to end up paying for it, the people who can least afford to pay higher fees and sales taxes and such. Which includes thousands of unemployed, who lost about 2/3 of their benefits to pay down a previous debt. But since they used the magic word "infrastructure" in promoting this, I am probably one of the few progressives scratching his head.

On that sour note, here's your Onion:

Okay, that's probably on Zuckerberg's list of things to do in 2016, so let's find something crazier:




Rivals the Onion on tee-hee meter:

This is hilarious:

They are masters of disguise who know how to blend into the outdoor environment, whereas the enemy, with their pickups, massive guns, and loud obnoxious personalities, tend to stick out like a sore thumb.”

The birders are also exceptionally skilled at spotting the enemy first so they will have the full advantage of surprise, and their uniform of loose fitting garments and comfortable walking shoes means they are quick and light on their feet, much like the Viet Cong during the Vietnam war. They are also equally ruthless when pushed.

Just try referring to them as bird watchers instead of birders and see what happens. I guarantee that you will never do it again.”

The self-described patriots’ assault rifles and armored vests will be of little protection against their ornithological foe.

Before you even know what’s happened they sneak up behind you and clobber you with a sturdy walking cane or telephoto lens casing.”