Tuesday Twitter roundup

The war on women turns Orwellian:

I long for the day when the New York Times no longer has a bi-weekly update on how backwards and misanthropic North Carolina has become. But as long as its happening, I'm glad they're paying attention.

And just which guns are being grabbed? None, of course, which makes you a lying sack of steaming fertilizer.

Gotta love Dwane Powell. :)

That ought to throw a cog in Duke Energy's legal wheels...

As depressing as that map is, I think we did a pretty decent job recruiting candidates this go-round.

Oh, it's only a million dollars. I have a feeling Spellings will end up rivaling Queen Aldona in pointless, expensive private contracts.

It remains to be seen which corporate entities she will represent, so we should probably hold our criticism until a later date. But I had hoped she would choose to work in a non-profit or in academia.

We should have guessed that one beforehand. Aside from puppies and kittens, McPatronage only gets passionate about things his backers tell him are important.

There's a lot of money in cocaine, too. I'm just saying.

Yep, it's working just like they planned:

Nevada passed a sweeping private school choice law last summer that basically allows any public school family to use their child's per-pupil allotment from the state to instead attend a private school or home school.

The state recently released data on the applications it's received for the program so far, and a Las Vegas Sun analysis found that the majority of applicants hail from Las Vegas' wealthier suburbs, while very few come from the inner city. Clark County Schools, which includes Las Vegas, is the state's largest district and has the most private schools within its boundaries.

The state is now defending the ESA program from two separate lawsuits, the first from the ACLU, and the second from a group of parents backed by an advocacy group called Educate Nevada Now.

And you can expect the public-school-hating Republicans in our General Assembly to try the same (or similar) program here, and then complain when they have to go to court to defend the stinking mess.

On that sour note, here's your Onion:

Poor Michael. But that's the circle of life...