Tuesday Twitter roundup

Trouble in the tolling lane:

You don't want to get on the wrong side of an enlightened and enraged public:

WBTV has confirmed with the AG’s office that it sent a letter to I-77 Mobility Partners in December seeking a long list of information, evidence and documents related to its contract with the North Carolina department of Transportation.

Under North Carolina law, a civil investigative demand letter is an administrative subpoena and works much like a subpoena for documents that would be served in a criminal case.

The existence of a probe by Cooper’s office comes after an On Your Side Investigation exposed a delay in responding to accusations of corruption first made by a Cornelius resident last summer.

Film at eleven. Or in eleven weeks, as these things usually go. But delays like that often represent serious scrambling to CYA, so there may be some meat behind the accusations.

Is that genetically-modified corn? Because if it is, I don't like it. We have no way of knowing what could happen, and one day we wake up and...Sorry, you wanted to talk about the Iowa caucuses. I don't like those, either.

I don't know which disgusts me more, the drivel of Terry Stoops or the toadyism of The Peck.

There are so many critical races this year I don't know which ones to worry about the most. :(

cra·ven ˈkrāvən/adjective
adjective: craven
1. contemptibly lacking in courage; cowardly.
"a craven abdication of his moral duty"
synonyms: cowardly, lily-livered, faint-hearted, chicken-hearted, spineless, timid, timorous, fearful, pusillanimous, weak, feeble; More
informal yellow, chicken, weak-kneed, gutless, yellow-bellied, wimpish; contemptible, abject, ignominious

There doesn't seem to be an end to the GOP's destruction.

Everything seems easier to understand when it's acted out by Legos...

Long story short: In the wake of losing the Iowa caucus, Trump supporters are revving up their conspiracy theories. Pay no attention to the idiot behind the curtain.

On that thoroughly predictable note, here's your Onion: