Tuesday Twitter roundup

A glimpse into the bizarro world of Republican ideology:

While other states are contemplating decriminalizing drug abuse and opting for treatment methods instead, we're moving to take away *all* medical treatment for drug users, even the life-saving parts. Congratulations GOP, you've set a new standard for wrongness.

Frankly Josh, someone who complains about having to fix broken voting districts in two weeks, yet gloats about his opponents only getting a half-day to formulate a legal response, just makes you look like more of an ass than you already do.

You know, I'm not one to be critical of politicians' children, but you couldn't pay me enough to babysit that little shit. His mom would be like, "Wow, I can't remember the last time Dominick slept so soundly in the middle of the afternoon." And I'd be like, "Yeah...he must have...worn himself out, or something...look, I gotta go."

Every single candidate for the Legislature needs to be asked about coal ash, and Democrats better have more than a few words to say about it.

Okay, let me explain it to you from the point of view of somebody who is not a fund manager: The consolidation of banking institutions has put trillions in wealth under the control of an ever-shrinking group of people. This has fueled income inequality more than any other single factor. Interest in regional (not to mention local) economic development is at an all-time low, and capital that should be going to start-ups and credit lines for existing businesses is being shuffled back and forth via mergers and other megacorp shenanigans. It's not radically different than the chromosomal decline resulting from incest, and the only real solution is diversity. As in, breaking the banks into smaller entities. End lecture.

Tell that to the RW trolls who are blaming the Flint crisis on the EPA instead of the GOP idiot who actually made it happen. On second thought, don't waste your breath.

The John Locke Foundation has jumped the shark on this one:

The latest volley in this destructive war on all things public was fired last week at a legislative study committee meeting in Raleigh at which representatives of a local “think tank” funded by conservative financier Art Pope advanced the enormously destructive idea of enacting something with the tortured and Orwellian title “Regulations From the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act” or “REINS” for short.

The basic idea: To pass a new state law that would require legislative approval for every “major” rule enacted by state administrative agencies. The idea is copied from a similar proposal hatched at the federal level a few years back by business lobbyists and right-wing advocacy groups.

Locke representatives went on to assert that administrative agency rules enacted without specific legislative approval amount to lawmaking “without the consent of the governed.”

You got that? In the strange, ideology-trumps-common-sense world of the market fundamentalists, North Carolina ought not to have any major government rules to protect the public from, say, dangerous day care operators, emitters of toxic air pollution, predatory lenders or unsafe restaurants unless the General Assembly specifically approves each of them.

Looking into my crystal ball, I see much difficulty in JLF getting this passed. If they had pushed it at the beginning of last year's session, it might have had some legs. But after that marathon ran until September, several lawmakers in the last few weeks have expressed the desire to make sure the Short Session stays short. Give them a bill that guarantees hundreds of hours of additional and unnecessary Legislative work in future sessions? They'd probably put it through a shredder before sending it to die of old age in committee.

I do like the idea of adding more trains between Charlotte and Raleigh, but the simple fact remains that high-speed rail may be the only way to lure many car drivers onto the tracks. And putting off those upgrades, which can only improve other rail operations, will have us way behind the power curve within a decade or so.

On that slower-than-it-should-be note, here's your Onion:

:) I've often wondered about that. If some of these jerkweasels acted the same way in real life as they do on the interwebs, they would have been strangled years ago.



Great round up

So much miserable news. I really look forward to the Onions.

Yeah, me too.

It's like brushing your teeth after eating something nasty. A fresh start.