Tuesday Twitter roundup

Three cheers for equality:

And when the Republican-led NCGA moves to countermand this vote, they will demonstrate (once again) their big-government, power-hungry roots.

Honestly, if that's the only way to get that hammerhead out of the NCGA, it might be worth it...

If you don't mind, I'm just gonna go ahead and throw up right now. Translating the excerpt "drawing new people": "He will help us trick more Hispanics into voting for Republicans."

Talk about covering your ass. Sheesh. If the poor lady's family hadn't complained, they never would have lifted a finger to help.

Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts thinks our Carolina values must be replaced with LGBT favoritism in all our schools,...

Posted by North Carolina Values Coalition on Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sometimes teh Facebook really pisses me off. Not only a sponsored (somebody paid) post, but it was also "suggested." As in, Facebook thinks I would like this. Whatever widgets or metrics or other forms of Internet magic they are using to tailor these posts, it is severely off. And very possibly Evil (capital E).

If by "fix" you mean "royally fucked up," then yes, you did that. Keep your oil-dripping hands off the energy grid.

I agree. With everything except the use of the word "objectifying." I believe the word you were looking for is "subjecting." Sorry, I just can't not try to fix things like this...

Ah, the good ole #ncpol feed, a never-ending parade of assholes.

Just because that idiot McCrory decided it was part of the Governor's duty to intervene in local government decisions, it doesn't automatically follow that Roy Cooper even should have an opinion, much less express that opinion. Hopefully, he won't fall for the bait. I know that might sound like I want him to "avoid" the issue and not stand up for LGBTQ rights, but that, my friends, is part of the GOP's machinations. Divide and conquer. Just. Don't. Play.

It's even worse than it sounds:

The rise in the sea level contributes only in a limited degree to the huge, disastrous storm surges accompanying hurricanes like Katrina and Sandy. Proportionally, it has a bigger effect on the nuisance floods that can accompany what are known as king tides.

The change in frequency of those tides is striking. For instance, in the decade from 1955 to 1964 at Annapolis, Md., an instrument called a tide gauge measured 32 days of flooding; in the decade from 2005 to 2014, that jumped to 394 days.

Flood days in Charleston jumped from 34 in the earlier decade to 219 in the more recent, and in Key West, Fla., the figure jumped from no flood days in the earlier decade to 32 in the more recent.

On that sobering note, here's your Onion: