Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start out with a little white-washing from one of those (vastly overpaid) consultants:

Brent Woodcox I have a liberal arts education and value it. Expecting our universities to train the state's workforce is not too much to ask. #NCPOL

In which Brent is trying to tie a ribbon on a pig polish some poorly thought out words from the Deputy Assistant Governor:

Gov. Pat McCrory said today he’s determined to get North Carolina’s public university system to focus on teaching what’s useful in terms of getting a job and criticized an “educational elite” for offering courses in subjects such as gender studies that don’t lead students onto clear career paths.

“I think some of the educational elite have taken over our education where we are offering courses that have no chance of getting people jobs,” McCrory said

Students pursue the education they want to pursue. At least in a free country, anyway. Here's a little Marxist theory, see if anything sounds familiar:

In capitalist society, the higher stages of school life were the exclusive property of the exploiting classes. Such schools, in their unending series of higher classical schools, higher modern schools, institutes, cadet corps, etc., have to be destroyed.

The teaching staff of the bourgeois schools served the purposes of bourgeois culture and of fraud. We must ruthlessly expel from the proletarian school all those teachers of the old schools who either cannot or will not become instruments for the communist enlightenment of the masses.

In the schools of the old régime, teachers were engaged who had been indoctrinated with the bourgeois spirit; in these schools methods of instruction were practised which served the class interests of the bourgeoisie. In our new schools, we must make a clean sweep of all such things.
The school of the socialist republic must be a labour school. This means that instruction and education must be united with labour and must be based upon labour. The matter is important for many reasons. It is important, first of all because of its bearing upon successful instruction. A child learns more easily, more willingly, and more thoroughly that which it learns, not from books or from the words of the teacher, but from the personal experience of what it is doing with its own hands. We can more easily understand our natural surroundings when we get to work upon nature in our attempts to modify it.

This unification of instruction with labour has already begun in the most progressive bourgeois schools. It is impossible, however, to carry it out thoroughly in the bourgeois system, in which parasitic elements are deliberately cultivated, and in which physical work is separated from mental work by an impassable gulf.

As you can see, men like Bukharin viewed higher education that didn't have an immediate practical application as a waste of time and resources. Later developments in the Soviet education system removed the desires and goals of students almost completely from the equation, and you followed whatever career path the State decided.

Consider this expose' of McCrory's ideological confusion a prime example of why subjects like philosophy and history are so critical in the development of our future leaders.

NCTea411 4:49pm via web
RT @NCCoastalRltr: .@Heritage_Action has issued its list of top Congressional Conservatives. Not one fr NC. @NCTea411 #ncpol heritageaction.com/2013/01/conser…

Finally, something about our Republican delegation worth celebrating.

mitchellhirsch 3:35pm via TweetDeck
Call NC Gov. @PatMcCroryNC now at 919733-5811. Tell him: "Stop the Madness on Unemployment Benefit Cuts!" bit.ly/1278Yhm #ncga #ncpol

I usually avoid posting phone numbers, since I abhor being bothered myself. But go ahead and bother him.

JohnLockeNC: JLF report calls for N.C. to scale back "aggressive" approach to occupational licensing. #ConsNC #ncga #ncpol ow.ly/hdLLh

But...didn't you guys just finish jumping up and down about the fancy new plan to tax more services? The ideological compass at the Show is spinning wildly these days.

shortasianstine 5:25pm via Web
Time to research income tax because I am so sick of being confused. #wecandoit

Oh, God. I forgot all about that. Now if I can just remember to not forget my pledge from last year: "I'm gonna sit down this weekend and crunch these numbers, and send this baby off so I won't have to worry about it!" Soon to be followed by, "It's April the what!?"

I'm getting nauseated again. I'll just skip to the Onion:

The Onion‏@TheOnion

North Korea Claims New Long Range Missile Has Ability To Fly Right Up In The Air, Not Unlike A Bird Or A Fly http://onion.com/Y25esE



re: paid consultants

ColonialGrpLLC 5:20pm via Twitter for iPad
@NationHahn That's the problem. Edu is the ONLY thing the #ncdp pushed back on and we're losing. With @vollerforchair we fight for equality.

Okay, just to clarify: when I said (in the other thread) that you should "talk to each other", I didn't mean "have your people talk to their people".

You know what? I fear that I may be misunderstood by many of my readers. I think I'll hire a consultant to help me get my message across better...

Beyond the fringe

Pudingtane 7:34pm via web
"Note to McRino: Most of Us Are Glad Ted Kennedy Is Dead" AMEN! Shut UP McCAin, u RINO! Go away, u embarrass us. #tcot #ncpol

I don't even know what to say to that...