Tuesday Twitter roundup

Reports of the death of the Patriarchy were premature:

And it's about to get worse, since the NCGA is trying to shrink the Board. More from Hannah:

It will not have escaped anyone’s notice, however, that since Republicans took control of the General Assembly in 2010, a systematic partisan purge of the UNC Board of Governors has been underway. By itself, this has not been a problem. Regardless of party affiliation and the fact that we often disagree on issues, we are united in our sincere concern for the future of our universities.

Left to ourselves, we usually find a way to muddle through and do our best to serve the people. Herein lies the essential conflict: the General Assembly does not want to leave us to ourselves.

Another equally troubling problem is the Board of Governors’ growing philosophical divide: one group believes the board is an extension of the General Assembly and should filter all our actions through the legislative lens. The other group believes the board should operate with a greater degree of autonomy, respecting the crucial funding and relationship with the General Assembly, but believing the best university decisions are made without intimate legislative involvement.

The latter group believes there is such a thing as being “too close” to the legislature. These competing perspectives have animated the conflict that has existed on the board in recent years; it has had nothing to do with the size of the board.

She's right, this move by Republicans has nothing to do with making the Board run better, and everything to do with making the Board run the way they want it to. It should be Cooper's 1st Veto.

There are various HB2 repeal bills, and you can follow the link to peruse them. But here are some others that need watching:

H 54, Protecting the Hardworking Taxpayers Act, is another bill whose title should put you on alert. Tax reforms enacted in recent years by the Republican legislature, with the signature of former Gov. McCrory, have greatly limited itemized deductions available to North Carolinians on their state income tax returns. Among the few deductions which survived were those for mortgage expenses and property taxes. They are still permitted but were capped at $20,000. H 54 would remove that cap, a big protection for those hardworking taxpayers with million-dollar homes. Of course, as with any reduction in tax revenues, there has to be a corresponding reduction in state services or increase in taxes paid by other hardworking taxpayers, including those who are buying $100,000 homes or renting.

S 38, Allow County-Wide Challenges/Absentee Ballots. Under current law, a registered voter can challenge an absentee ballot in his/her precinct. S 38 would extend the right-to-challenge to an entire county, opening new opportunities for voter suppression/intimidation.

H 44/S 36, Convention of the States. These identical bills call for a constitutional convention and profess to “[l]imit the scope of the Convention to proposing amendments to the Constitution that (1) impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, (2) limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and (3) limit the terms of office for its officials and for members of Congress.” Among other points, this would seem to allow a change in the lifetime appointment of federal court judges, one of the most important parts of our system of checks and balances. Many legal experts question whether a constitutional convention, once convened, could be limited in the scope of changes it would propose; nothing in Article V would seem to permit such limitation.

Like a bunch of unruly children scribbling nonsense on a chalkboard...

And just so you know, the State Board is still comprised of the same Republican majority members as last year, including the Republican Chair Grant Whitney.

Let me edit that for John, since he's having trouble saying it: Approval for Cooper is high (50%), especially in comparison with approval for the NC Legislature (39%). See? That wasn't so hard, John.

Yeah, because it's safer and less uncomfortable patrolling the border than holding town halls. Idiots.

I don't think so. I might hashtag his ass over to ncpol, though, just for shits & giggles.

I don't care where they went to schoooool...

Lol! Just to bring you up to speed, Lady Liberty and Sister Toldjah, notorious members of the right-wing Twit Brigade, set up a website called American Lens, and are trying desperately to appear like a legitimate media outlet. I guess they thought bringing George Fisher in would help with that (bless their hearts), but it just made things more absurd. And now they're putting on a show because Cooper's administration is apparently refusing to recognize their greatness. :)

For future reference, any article that leads with "Drudge put it perfectly" should be dismissed out-of-hand. And I'll say it again, allowing Marc Rotterman to have his own talk show on WUNC-TV "taints the brand," to put it lightly. Sheesh.

Filed under IOKIYAR. Nitwits on the Right like Tim Peck worship haters like Trump and Milo, even though said haters engage in the very same behavior HB2 was supposed to protect people from. Hypocrisy isn't a strong enough word for these dickheads.

On that exasperating note, here's your Onion:

Yeah, pretty sure his days are numbered...



Bonus Onion:

This happens to me more often than I'd care to contemplate. And just so you know, I'm usually the one saying, "By the time we get to the other restaurant and wait there, we'd probably already be eating here!"

The South is gonna rise again...

Yeah, he really did:

SECTION 1. Section 4 of Article I of the North Carolina Constitution is repealed.

SECTION 2. The amendment set out in Section 1 of this act shall be submitted to the qualified voters of the State at a statewide election to be conducted in November of 2018, which election shall be conducted under the laws then governing elections in the State. The question to be used in the voting systems and ballots shall be:

"[ ] FOR [ ] AGAINST

Repeal the portion of the North Carolina Constitution that prohibits secession."

Before your eyes start twitching, heed the call of Harry Johnson:

I hear you, brother. But them Republicans ain't right in the head, and I can't put anything past them...


Thomas Mills alt-writer dude was singing Speciale's praises today.

Yeah, I saw that

John Wynne seems to be having quite a good time stirring the pot, but I think (deep down) he is painfully embarrassed by the behavior of his own party, on both the state and national level. May be his way of "coping," but I wouldn't be surprised to see him switch sides pretty soon.


It's quite an accomplishment to be recognized as insane in politics today.

Steve Bannon can't die soon enough

Hopefully that liver will take him down.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Yeah, but they didn't have to

photoshop his face, which is a better example of extreme alcohol abuse than a lump under his shirt.

I usually don't wish death on people, even those who deserve it. But every day Bannon is there to whisper in Trump's ear is a day that could end in catastrophe.