Tuesday Twitter roundup

TravisFain 3:49pm via TweetDeck Funny how #ncga House Democrats never offer good floor amendments. You'd think 1 would eventually have merit just playing the odds.

Merit is in the eye of the beholder, as I'm sure you're inferring with this comment. Or I should say, merit is in the eye of those you are beholden to. The Amendments put forward by Democrats in the UI bill would have protected tens of thousands of North Carolinians who are in dire need of some protection, but Republicans in the General Assembly are dead-set on punishing those people for crimes they didn't commit.

SenatorHagan 3:35pm via Web I appreciate & respect Sen Hagel’s service as enlisted soldier in Vietnam & hope his perspective will aid in supporting NC service members

Okay, I know I just got done bashing Republicans, but I have to say this: Chuck Hagel gets it. He gets it about nuclear non-proliferation, he gets it about not using our military as a tool to forward the goals of multinational corporations, he gets it about our desperate need to help the multitudes of our service members suffering from PTSD and other combat-related ailments. He gets it about a lot of stuff, which is apparently why his Republican colleagues don't want him in a position to actually do any of that stuff. Don't try to figure it out, you'll just hurt yourself.

PatMcCrony Feb 4, 9:47pm via web Live on $350 a week? No sweat! It’s not like I have to pay rent, utilities, or gas. Y’all do that for me! #ncgov #ncpol #ncdp

This is by no means an endorsement of faux Twitter accounts. Indeed, they could be one of the biggest threats to our Democracy, somewhere between Bilderberg and 501-C (3po) political robots. But sometimes they are funny, so...

Rob_Schofield 5:05pm via Tweet Button
State lawmaker sez Americans need semi-automatic weapons to fight the government (video) shar.es/YmcGN #ncga #ncpol #bluenc #ncgov

You really gotta watch this:

Dude, you are the government. And you're not above flexing that whole lawnorder muscle it seems, either:

AN ACT to strengthen the laws protecting against the theft of vehicles for disassembly and resale of parts and to assist law enforcement in the investigation of organized criminal activity associated with the theft of vehicles.

A person is guilty of a Class G felony if that person knowingly engages in any of the following activities, without regard to the value of the property in question:

(3) Purchasing, disposing of, selling, transferring, receiving, or possessing a motor vehicle or motor vehicle part either knowing or having reasonable grounds to believe with the knowledge that the vehicle identification number of the motor vehicle, or vehicle part identification number of the vehicle part, has been altered, counterfeited, defaced, destroyed, disguised, falsified, forged, obliterated, or removed.

Pay attention to the modifications. You don't even have to know some mechanic has installed a stolen part into your car to become a felon, "reasonable grounds to believe" (as determined by whom?) is enough to qualify you for that prestigious honor. Kinda puts a new bent on the term "aftermarket", doesn't it?

Redrues 6:06pm via web
RT @betseyross: GOP Establishment Forms Anti-Conservative Super PAC ht.ly/hrlR0 #SCF #TGDN #ncpol #nctcot #ncgop #ncgov

You know what? I don't want to hear it. You idiots inflicted the entire world with Karl Rove, and it's safe to say the deaths of hundreds of thousands resulted from it. He's your problem now, fucking deal with it.

Grrr. I'm in need of some Onion after that:

The Onion‏@TheOnion

'Well, That Was Cool,' Say Archaeologists Before Dumping Bones Of King Richard III Back Into Hole http://onion.com/VzJKS3