Tuesday Twitter roundup

Tricky Dick Burr may finally be in trouble:

Of course it all depends on "who" is actually doing said probing, and it will likely end up being just another political hack like Burr himself, but it's a start.

This dude is a bonafide idiot:

For years the environmentalists have told everyone who’d listen that buffers are the cure-all to silt in our rivers and lakes. It’s been a mantra.

So, last week, when I pointed out the cure isn’t working – that it’s an example of veneer environmentalism – I didn’t make any friends. In fact one newspaper editor (Taylor Batten) and one politician (Jeff Tarte) promptly called my idea ‘stupid.’

Well, I’d like to invite the editors and politicians to come look at Lake Hickory. Lake Hickory is surrounded by buffers. And it’s full of silt.

No, it's not. You scoured Google Maps and found one little area affected by silt build-up, most likely due to an ancient, meandering stream feeding into the Lake. And the Lake itself only has a fraction of its coastline protected by riparian buffers. Not even a nice try...

You know what? I ain't lookin' at that, I've already got too many #$%^&* GOP dragons to slay right now, and that will just piss me off.

Trudy Frickin' Wade. This bill is probably about 90% devoted to killing the Greensboro News & Record, because they refuse to give Queen Trudy the obeisance she feels she deserves. Also, public notices on government websites are about as effective as waving from across the room at Helen Keller. I didn't mean to drag Helen into this, but it seemed a good analogy...

"But if they do, hey, it's not our fault!" Said the masters of shirking responsibility.

Choose wisely, please. I've probably got a thousand living in my house with me, and lort knows how many out in the yard. The last thing I need is a spider uprising by those who don't get picked...

That's 31% for now, which will surely drop if that abomination isn't modified like crazy by the Senate...

Okay, if you're still not sure that CNN has turned into another FOX News "We distort, you decide" embarrassment, catch this intro (Fox8 reprinted from CNN Wire):

Right now there’s a severe overreaction to the FCC chairman’s comments about Stephen Colbert.

No, the government is not trying to muzzle one of the most famous comedians in America because he made a vulgar joke about President Trump. Colbert is not being censored.

Despite all of Friday’s social media chatter and conflicting news headlines, the FCC is doing exactly what it always does.

It's not your job to be an apologist for the Trump administration, at least you better hope not. Because you'll be apologizing your ass off for the next 3.75 years.

Yeah, that is a very ironic and unfortunate collection of front-page stories right there. And that may have been the whole point. They can be pretty clever at the N&O, from time to time...

Another bad idea from the anti-taxers. Shifting funding from the state down to the users will guarantee at least one outcome: Fewer people will go to parks if they have to pay every time, and the subsequent funding drop will reduce staff and operating hours, dropping that participation even more, etc., etc. Eventually forcing the state to sell off various tracts of land, which is probably the end goal of people like John Hood.

On that purely predictable note, here's your Onion:

You know, I never thought much about this before Trump. But now...



The birth of a conspiracy theory:

While all other outlets, including other right-wingers like this American Lens contraption, have called this what it is (suicide), Lady Liberty likes to leave her options open:

His body was discovered at an intersection in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina. Owens had suffered a gunshot wound to the head and according to police a gun was found near the body.

It appears initially that the gunshot was self-inflicted, although law enforcement would not confirm that yet and said an investigation is ongoing.

And when law enforcement *does* confirm that, it will become a mysterious murder and a cover-up.

Richard Burr will skate again

Richard Burr will skate again. There are no Republicans in the U.S. Senate with the integrity needed to address this matter.

That damn Teflon

has to wear off eventually, you would think. But he has been skating since the day he sold his last lawnmower...