Tuesday Twitter roundup

Since the NC House Budget is about to hit the floor:

Just because they served the citizens yesterday, it doesn't mean we should forget them today.

Yeah, leave it up to King Douchenozzle to make a joke out of a brutal assault. So much for the Constitution...

And this is the perfect rebuttal to the tired GOP mantra of, "When Democrats did it, y'all never complained!" a) Many of us did complain, and b) The Congressional seat apportionment under Democrats almost exactly represented the number of D & R registered voters. Every news article that ignores that difference is misinformative as hell.

You can't see it in this embedded version, but somebody reported Wayne's Tweet to the Twitter police and caused a "sensitive media" warning to replace the image on the ncpol feed. I guess not even honoring fallen soldiers is out-of-bounds for these jackasses...

It's worse than you think:

Brubaker’s client, SePro, proposes using chemical treatments — the effectiveness of which has been questioned in scientific journals, by the EPA and DEQ — to clean up algae in Jordan Lake.

Last winter, Brubaker reportedly told then-DEQ Chief Deputy John Evans that if the agency didn’t sign a $1.3 million contract with Sepro, “the GA [General Assembly] would refuse to support hurricane funding.”

Evans recalled that conversation with Brubaker in an email dated Dec. 6, 2016, which he sent to six DEQ colleagues. The email reads:

“Purely as FYI: Harold Brubaker called me and said GA would take funds on December 13th if we are not under contract. I didn’t think we received any money anyway. He also said if we didn’t get under contract the GA would refuse to support hurricane funding.”

Good lord, these people have absolutely no shame.

And I'm sure JLF/Civitas have supplied them with an ample amount of pseudoscientific bullshit to stir up those worries. Here's a word from Thomas on that:

Oh, you mean a *real* hazard to the health & well-being of people living around a facility? Nah, the GOP doesn't care about that.

Alright, never say I'm not willing to learn something new:

It was and remains extremely counterproductive for the left to treat Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables,” especially given how tiny a percentage of his followers would need to be converted away from the president to reorient political power in Washington, D.C. For directing me to a Lincoln speech I’d never read before, I thank Andrew Sullivan, who quoted it to support the argument that “you will not arrest the reactionary momentum by ignoring it or dismissing it entirely as a function of bigotry or stupidity. You’ll only defuse it by appreciating its insights and co-opting its appeal.”

He almost lost me with that, because so much of that Trumpism is steeped in bigotry and stupidity it's hard to find even a small portion I could swallow without gagging. But then I saw this:

Reflecting on what he called “the woke identity,” Freddie DeBoer observed a tendency among some leftists to forcefully reject the work of persuasion with excuses like, “It’s not my job to educate you.” The not-yet-woke are to be chided, not engaged.

“The problem with making your political program the assembly of a moral aristocracy is that hierarchy always requires exclusivity,” DeBoer argues. “A fundamental, structural impediment to liberal political victory is that their preferred kind of moral engagement necessarily limits the number of adherents they can win. It’s just math: you can’t grow a mass party when the daily operation of your movement involves finding more and more heretics to ostracize from the community.”

He adds that “political progress is always and only about pulling the edge cases into a particular orbit and hoping that in time they will come to circle closer and closer to your goals.” He therefore rejects “the performative uselessness that is the call out.”

I agree with that wholeheartedly, and it's plainly exposed in the recent attacks on Cory Booker over campaign donations he received from Jared Kushner four years ago. So far those attacks have mostly come from the Right, but I'm already seeing Bernie supporters sharing articles from those Conservative outlets, doing their dirty work for them. Make no mistake, they're trying to divide and conquer the Democratic Party, and many otherwise intelligent people are helping them do it.

By the time you read this diary, the committee that is supposed to evaluate all the financial aspects of the NC House Budget will have already pushed it to the floor, after only one hour of deliberation. There are no good reasons for that, folks.

No matter what data and historical evidence debunks their trickle-down theories, the GOP still hugs that teddy bear like a long-lost friend. On that very SAD note, here's your Onion:

But don't say anything, he's a little sensitive about his receding hairline...