Tuesday Twitter roundup

The GOP underfunding of government services is taking a toll:

And sometimes people pay the ultimate price for that negligence:

And then there are the areas in which failed public structures are actual affirmative killers and deniers of fundamental human rights. As a special series running in Raleigh’s News & Observer this week by reporters Dan Kane and David Raynor highlights, that particular horror is something that is happening with alarming frequency in North Carolina’s prisons and jails. Part One of the series commences by telling the tragic story of Emily Call — a young mother struggling with addiction who committed suicide while being improperly supervised in the Wilkes County jail:

“Emily Call was one of 51 inmates who died in North Carolina’s county jails in the past five years after being left unsupervised for longer than state regulations allow, a News & Observer investigation shows. Jailers failed to make timely checks, left in place sheets or towels that prevented them from seeing suicide attempts, or didn’t fix broken cameras or intercoms that helped them keep in touch with inmates.

The deaths of unsupervised inmates came in 38 different jails, in rural and urban areas. Twelve of the jails, including Durham, have been cited for violation of regulations in more than one death.”

The story goes on to shed additional light on the magnitude of the problem, the huge factor played by mental illness and the thus far inadequate response of state and local officials. The N&O even had to pay under protest for the records it obtained as a result of the McCrory administration’s stubborn and longstanding refusal to abide by open records laws — something the Cooper administration has remedied.

Republicans couldn't care less what happens to jailed inmates, which is just one more reason they are not fit to lead our Legislative branch.

I don't care why he wants to call it that, it should be called "The state that chooses to throw money at private schools while suffocating public schools." The rest is just ideological drivel.

Those young people should be dressed properly and in church, where they belong! Gee thanks, Obama! Things were just fine up to November 2008, before you waltzed in and blah blah blah blah...

Well, you know what they say, tyranny comes at a cost. Oh wait, that's freedom...

I find it surprisingly humorous NC even has a "Petroleum Council," much less that they think Twitter is a productive resource. But please, keep it up. If you did a survey of Rouzer's constituents in the 7th District (hello, Wilmington) and asked them how they feel about offshore drilling, you might get your feelings hurt...

The Magic 8-Ball sez "Very Likely":

North Carolina beer distributors used political contributions this year to reinforce their battle with craft brewers, pouring more than $90,000 into the campaigns of influential lawmakers. Individually and through their political action committee, distributors made the contributions as they turned back an effort by craft brewers to raise the self-distribution cap. Much of the money went to legislative leaders and committee members who helped kill the push for “craft freedom” led by two Charlotte brewers.

Distributors gave Senate Republican leader Phil Berger $33,300 and House Speaker Tim Moore $21,700, according to reports filed with state elections officials. They gave at least $22,000 to members of the House Alcoholic Beverage Control Committee, which considered the major craft beer bill.

BergerMoore have refined the art of pay-to-play politics, but if it was Democrats pulling this? Holy crap. Republicans would be screaming for investigations and calling for resignations. Sheesh.

Yeah, we got some real weird shit going on. One law says you must divest from one particular country, and another law says you must *not* divest from a different country. And once again, the alleged "Free Market" defenders at the John Locke Foundation are silent. Hello? Is there anybody in there? The state is telling private businesses where they can and cannot invest their money...Nevermind.

Had a conversation recently with someone who said, "We need to get rid of the law blocking more nuke plants from being built." It took me twenty fricking minutes to explain there was no law blocking nukes, that the reason they aren't being built is because they're way too expensive and banks have (wisely) decided they're not a good investment, so the loan money has dried up. When I started quoting some cost figures and had to interrupt that to explain that a billion was a thousand million, I realized I was pissing into the wind and gave up.

On that frustrating note, here's your Onion:

Guilty as charged. Hell, it takes me ten minutes to decipher one of my own notes...



BJ Murphy

I'm not going to explain this tweet since my "superior analytical ability" is not fully awake at the moment. I'll let y'all draw your own conclusions.

And one more thing. If I ever decide to run for a "higher calling" from eastern North Carolina, I'll make myself a standout. I'll be the one with the twitter account with an image of me wearing a flight suit while shouldering a 50 cal. machine gun with one arm, a bible in my other hand and a copy of Iran sanctions neatly gritted between my teeth.