Tuesday Twitter roundup

ProgressNC_GB 1:36am via Web Guv won't disclose, divest, recuse, or veto. The Utilities Comm., proposed rate hikes, McCrory's Duke stock. #ilm powermadpowergrab.com


•Gov. McCrory, a long-time Duke Energy employee with a financial interest in the company, will now have the power to appoint a whole new Utilities Commission – the very board that regulates how much Duke Power can charge for its services. There are rate increase requests pending even now. Who do you think will prevail in front of a commission stacked with Duke Energy allies – you, the ratepayer, or the power company?

JoeWalshTweets Feb 18, 4:30pm via web @RTI_Intl report shows #cleanenergy has positive impact on NC #jobs, economy, & ratepayers. #NCGA #NCPol bit.ly/YinsUt

Very noteworthy:

While the broader North Carolina economy lost more than 100,000 jobs from 2007-2012, the state experienced a net gain in employment of 21,162 jobs from 2007-2012 resulting from clean energy development.

· Tax credits taken by renewable energy projects developed between 2007 and 2012 generated $1.87 in state or local revenue for every $1.00 of incentive. Since 2007, the state’s clean energy policies have been a net revenue generator for the state of $113 million.

· Between 2007 and 2012, clean energy investment in the State increased 13-fold and generated or saved an estimated 8.2 million MWh of energy through a combination of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, roughly equivalent to the amount of electricity consumed by all the households in the cities of Charlotte, Raleigh, and Fayetteville for one year. In addition, state government energy efficiency programs saved the government an estimated $427 million of taxpayer money.

And now for a little sports news:

Eye on College FBall @EyeOnCFB 12h
Johnny Manziel, Big Man On Campus, avoiding campus via web-only classes. cbssports.com/collegefootbal… Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Not trying to minimize the kerfluffle over the African Studies thing at UNC, but this (corn-fed white) guy is the Heisman Trophy winner, and he only shows up on campus once a month. Just sayin'.

ncbudgetandtax 9:28am via HootSuite #NCGA Approps Subcmt on DHHS discussing food hardship. NC has 6th-highest rate of food hardship in US. See our brief ow.ly/hQxsY

Definitely noteworthy, especially in light of the draconian cuts to unemployment the puppet-governor just signed:

High rates of food hardship have plagued North Carolina’s metropolitan areas. According to 2010 data, out of the 100 largest metropolitan statistical areas in the country, three in North Carolina made the top‐ten list for highest food hardship rates. Winston‐Salem had the third‐highest food‐hardship rate in
the country (25 percent), followed closely by Greensboro‐High Point at fourth‐highest (24.9 percent)
, and Asheville at seventh‐highest (23.9%).3

That both the state unemployment rate and the number of people receiving food stamps in North Carolina have doubled since the start of the recession is not a coincidence.7 As thousands of Tar Heels have lost their jobs or experienced reduced work hours, they have become eligible for and have reached out to food assistance to feed their families. This trend holds true at the county level as well.

Of course it's not a coincidence, but the Republicans in the NCGA would have us believe that people would prefer to go hungry rather than work. I'm surprised they haven't targeted the food stamp program yet, but it's still early days.

JeanneBonds4NC 10:22am via Web Interesting .@NCGOP .@PatMcCroryNC think adults do not understand "responsibility" so they have to teach it via hardship. #ncpol #ncgov

It's called "Paternalism", something the faux-Libertarians at the John Locke Foundation are supposedly opposed to. I guess that term is only derogatory when you're trying to lift someone up.

On that confusing and contradictory note, it's time for a little Onion:

The Onion @TheOnion 2d
This Week Last Year | New Breeding Program Aimed At Keeping Moderate Republicans From Going Extinct onion.com/WCtWQN