Tuesday Twitter roundup

Bound to be the hot topic for at least a few days:

Since Persily's mandate only covered a handful of districts, the redraw does not represent sweeping changes to the whole state, just a few clusters:

At first glance, Persily’s maps are obviously different than GOP lawmakers’ initial redraw with more compact districts and less squiggly lines. He explains the changes in each district in the Monday order.

In Senate districts 19 (Cumberland) and 21 (Hoke), Persily moved Hoke County north and took in all of Spring Lake “and just enough of Fayetteville so as to comply with one person one vote.” He wrote that by drawing the districts in that way, it avoided “the jutting arm into Fayetteville.”

In Guilford County, Persily wrote that his lines were more compact.

“The newly drawn district is contained almost completely within the city (CDP) of Greensboro, and is made up of whole precincts,” the order states.

We'll have to wait for more analysis to get an idea of what this might mean election-wise, but we will keep you posted.

Oh, this is rich. Supposed Libertarians bitching about a Dem Governor who hasn't grabbed a pile of money extracted from a private corporation via a government (court) settlement for bad behavior. In any other context, the payments by VW would be deemed big-government coercion, a violation of the Free Market, or some other nonsense. But blatant hypocrisy is a small price to pay for maintaining GOP dominance over the state.

Dog help us, the Lawn-Mower Man gets to decide who's getting a tax break and who's getting fleeced. Here's a clue: He's not going to be looking out for the folks who could only afford to give him fifty bucks, it's the ones who maxed out at each of his 8-10 political "committees" he's been managing since the grifter drove his VW Thing into the Beltway that he'll be thinking about. Guh.

Don't really want to run down this particular rabbit hole, but...

The Cumberland County Libertarian Party has struggled over the years. It tended to go dormant when its leaders moved away, said former chairman Brian Irving. Irving, who now lives in Cary, organized the Cumberland County Libertarians in 1999.

Jeffers isn’t sure how long it has been since the party has had an active Cumberland County chapter.

He restarted it because he wanted to spend time with local Libertarians after voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson for president last year, and discovered that nearest organized Libertarian Party was a 40-minute drive away in Sanford. “I felt it was something that needed to be brought to Fayetteville and Cumberland County,” he said.

Jeffers contacted the state party, was appointed interim chairman over the summer and organized weekly meetings in Fayetteville that started in late September.

It has attracted about 15 people, with seven or eight who regularly attend, said Joe S. Greene, who this month was elected to be the permanent chairman.

Evil Steve thinks it would be interesting to attend one of these meetings and then blog about it, but he *always* tries to get me to do crazy shit.

Yes yes, everybody should have competition. *sigh* All right, let's see who they are:

Steve Von Loor is the second Republican to enter the race – joining Lee Brian. He was appointed by then-Gov. Pat McCrory to the Governor's Council on Hispanic/Latino Affairs and also serves as second vice chairman for the Republican National Hispanic Assembly. He and his wife own a company that offers translation services.

Price also has his first Democratic primary challenger: Richard Watkins, the CEO of The Science Policy Action Network, Inc. He lives in Durham and has a doctorate from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill’s School of Medicine in Microbiology and Immunology; he also played football for Fayetteville State University as an undergraduate.

Oh, great, a really smart guy is running against David. I'm talking about the Democrat, of course...

John, the image of a Bald Eagle does not lend any extra credence to your postulations. It's actually kind of sad, really...

That would actually be fricking fantastic, but I really don''t want to get my hopes up. Odds are still way against us.

Extremely frustrating. Our mental health crisis has grown into a calamity, yet we end up using the same troublesome contractor that is trying to fleece the taxpayers:

The construction firm that the state fired, Archer Western Contractors of Charlotte, has now been re-hired as the completing contractor by the insurance company on the project, Travelers Insurance, but it's using a different company as construction manager. Among the construction mistakes that need to be fixed: 60 percent of the floors aren't balanced correctly, spray-on fireproofing material was installed incorrectly, and a pedestrian bridge wasn't aligned properly. Davis says the project suffered from a "general lack of good project management and quality control."

The construction delays aren't adding costs to the state, which is charging damages of $3,600 per day until the project is done. But an attorney for the state indicated that a court battle over construction costs is looming with Archer Western. The company has made a $26 million claim with the state for its work on Cherry Hospital in Goldsboro, a claim the state has rejected. "You can assume they will follow the same playbook" with the Broughton project, said Durwin Jones, an attorney with the N.C. Department of Justice.

Here's a clue: If somebody thinks you already owe them money for a previous job, don't give them another job or they will try to recoup their other costs on that new one. It ain't rocket surgery, for God's sake.

Keep rockin' it, Hallie. It's your future that's at stake, not those old white men's in Raleigh. They'll be long gone by the time the real suffering begins.

On that hopeful note, here's your Onion:

It's probably easier to sleep that way...