Tuesday Twitter roundup

She blinded me with science:

NCCoastalfed Feb 25, 5:36pm via Safari on iOS Oooooh: a secret SC sea level rise report #cfed islandpacket.com/2013/02/24/239…

I'm surprised somebody hasn't passed a law about such reckless scientific behavior...oh, that's right. We did it here in NC. Back to the SC report:

A team of state scientists has outlined serious concerns about the damage South Carolina will suffer from climate change -- threats that include invading eels, dying salt marshes, flooded homes and increased diseases in the state's wildlife.

But few people have seen the team's study. The findings are outlined in a report on global warming that has been kept secret by the S.C. Department of Natural Resources for more than a year because agency officials say their "priorities have changed."

Research referenced in the 102-page report includes studies from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
Among those serving on the 18-member DNR study group were seven PhDs, a climatologist and at least five other agency biologists.

"Scientists in all divisions of the DNR are concerned over the potential impacts of climate change on natural resources,'' the draft report says."DNR recognizes climate change as a real phenomenon, grounded in numerous scientific studies, and DNR recognizes that thoughtful and careful planning is needed in order to protect the natural resources of the Palmetto State and to benefit its citizens in the future."

I wouldn't hold your breath.

NCHealthNews 10:17am via HootSuite #tanningbeds advocate Levy says bill will create underground/ garage tanning industry #ncga

Which would be much more horrible than back-alley abortions, where them Jezebels get what they deserve...

thinkprogress 9:33am via TweetDeck UNC rape survivor may be expelled from school for speaking about her case thkpr.gs/YTAwk3 #icymi

Just a note to the Cardinals that run UNC: you need to straighten this situation out tout-fucking-suite, or you'll be looking back at that African Studies thing with nostalgic fondness of the good old days when your reputation was only marginally compromised. This ain't the fucking Helmund Province. We don't punish sexual assault victims and boot female students out of school for speaking out of turn.

betseyross 11:11am via HootSuite THIS: Black conservatives: Gun control has 'racist' roots #video ht.ly/i3119 #courage #resist44 #ncpol #TGDN #ConsNC

Yeah, I'm sure you and your friends will stand up for the rights of African Americans to own firearms, if they can somehow survive poverty, discrimination, racial-profiling by police, and a whole laundry list of other barriers people like you think no longer exist. And here's a little background on one of those hashtags:

Let’s start with a brief history. According to its creator, Todd Kincannon, the original purpose of tgdn was to protect twitter accounts owned by conservatives against alleged organized spam blocking by liberals. Upon establishing their network, they decided to do the very thing they accuse liberals of doing.

The tgdn’s favorite targets seem to be people who subscribe to views on the second amendment saner than those expressed by Wayne Lapierre. It’s as if the constitution begins and ends with their interpretation of the second Amendment, which is to the right of such notable liberals as Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Though as we can see, any liberal, especially with small follower counts is fair game.

In other words, if this group of neanderthals decides nthey don't like what you're Tweeting, they can gang up on you and get you blocked. Not just from a specific feed, but Twitter itself.

On that ominous note, we'll take a bite of the Onion:

The Onion @TheOnion 19h Onion Radio News: Pea Farmers Say They Alone Keep Peas From Overrunning Planet onion.com/ZvTv6H

:) You gotta love agricultural humor.


Footnote for the children:

NARALNC 12:18pm via web RT @jljacobson: How far will we let deliberate spread of misinfo go? RT @NARALNC: Way to kick off "education week" at #NCGA. bit.ly/Yx75nk #ncpol

Seems more like (potentially dangerous) ideological propaganda week instead of education week. Here's more:

On Monday night, Senator Daniel introduced SB 132, amending the NC healthy living curriculum. "This bill calls for changes to our school's health curriculum that have nothing to do with protecting our children's health, and everything to do with spreading misinformation and stigmatizing abortion," said Suzanne Buckley, Executive Director for NARAL Pro-Choice NC. "SB 132 will force schools to teach students about a so-called link between abortion and pre-term deliveries, despite the reality that trusted physicians and medical experts from the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and the American Medical Association have found no correlation between abortion care and pre-term deliveries," Buckley continued.

Footnote to the footnote:

Here's a little irony/hypocrisy from the pro-lifers re taking care of the babies "saved" via their right-to-be-humiliated bill from a few years ago:

Some 34 other states already have a waiting period on abortion on the books and Republican Sen. Warren Daniel of Morganton, on the Senate floor, told lawmakers, “We know statistically that this type of legislation helps to make abortions more rare.” He said the bill could reduce the 30,000 abortions in North Carolina annually by as much as 10 percent.

During the committee debate on the legislation, lawmakers engaged in a jaw-dropping discussion to determine if it is better that children not be killed in an abortion or save the state money. Members of the appropriations committee debated a fiscal note legislative staff attached to the bill saying it would result in more than 2,900 births of children annually who may otherwise have become victims of abortion. The made the estimates based on similar legislation in Mississippi that resulted in abortion reductions and claimed the births would cost the state approximately $7 million a year in Medicaid expenses.

Rep. Burt Jones of Rockingham was incredulous and said, according to WRAL, that he couldn’t believe legislators were debating whether more abortions or more expenses were better.

“To me, it is incredible that we would even debate the idea that somehow we can improve the fiscal impact of this state by not allowing children to be born,” he said. “I’m a fiscal conservative, but if we’ve got to pay a little more money in this state because more children have the right to be born, then so be it.”

Of course, neither of these intrepid baby-savers have taken steps to boost funding for Medicaid or any other program supporting young children, and they both sponsored the "No Medicaid Expansion" idiocy which will keep even more of those 2,900 extra babies in health care limbo. So I guess that "so be it" declaration is just one of those things you say when you're putting on a show.