Tuesday Twitter roundup

Making sure judges don't go too easy on those law-breaking children:

"Cold-hearted" just doesn't quite cover this:

A Dec. 20 memo, issued by the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) replaces 2007 guidelines, spelling out policies and procedures judges should follow in dealing with children who crossed the border illegally alone and face possible deportation.

The new memo removes suggestions contained in the 2007 memo for how to conduct “child-sensitive questioning” and adds reminders to judges to maintain “impartiality” even though “juvenile cases may present sympathetic allegations.” The new document also changes the word “child” to “unmarried individual under the age of 18” in many instances.

The new memo also warns judges to be skeptical, since an unaccompanied minor “generally receives more favorable treatment under the law than other categories of illegal aliens,” which creates “an incentive to misrepresent accompaniment status or age in order to attempt to qualify for the benefits.” It also says to be on the lookout for “fraud and abuse,” language that was not in the previous memo.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a speech in Boston in September that the special accommodations for unaccompanied minors had been exploited by “gang members who come to this country as wolves in sheep clothing.”

You have to be a special kind of jackass if demonizing children is on your priority list. I can't even.

Of course Patrick is oblivious to the symbolism of a wide expanse of beach with only a handful of wealthy people there to enjoy it. Not nearly as clever as you think, pal.

And cue the right-wingers having a hissy-fit about this editorial...

This is about 95% supposition, and a prime example of what *not* to share on Facebook and Twitter, no matter how much you like the idea behind the headline. Politicians flip-flop for a wide range of reasons, and I daresay blackmail is one of the least likely of those. What's (much) more likely is Graham was bought off somewhere in the budget, but we're not going to figure out what actually happened if we're chasing some conspiracy theory. Read and verify before you post, please.

These quotes reveal just how incompetent Republicans are:

“It’s not like the mice fell over dead when they were injected with GenX.” – Rep. Bill Brisson (R-Bladen, Johnston, Sampson), during a committee discussion about the safety of GenX in the drinking water supply.

“I’m getting more confused. Am I in the House of Representatives or The Twilight Zone?” – Rep. Jeff Collins (R-Nash). During a House floor debate, he was questioning why some of his fellow lawmakers opposed a measure that would relax environmental restrictions, such as those governing tree protection, on billboard companies. The bill ultimately failed.

“It would be the biggest injustice the legislature has ever done.” – Sen. Harry Brown (R-Jones, Onslow). During a committee hearing, he claimed that lawmakers would fail to “protect the military and its economic value to eastern North Carolina” if they didn’t pass a wind farm moratorium.

“It’s the smell of freedom. It’s the smell of food. God bless our farmers.” – Rep. Pat McElraft (R-Carteret, Jones), in supporting House Bill 467, which sharply curbed the rights of citizens to sue industrialized livestock farms for nuisance. Although Gov. Cooper vetoed the bill, the legislature overrode it; the bill is now law.

On that jaw-dropping note, here's your Onion:

Right, the flying umbrella is actually the most believable part of that story...