Tuesday Twitter roundup

It's all about focus:

Starting with one harsh but simple truth:

The Right has no genuine interest in compromise. This is not a period in American history in which the political divide between right and left is measured in degrees as it was during most of the second half of the 20th Century. Today’s gap is a yawning and likely unbridgeable one.

The dark genius of (and grave danger posed by) the modern American conservative movement is that it is comprised of fervent true believers who seek to radically remake our national social contract by rolling back the progress of the 20th Century consensus era. This is true both of the loud-mouthed extremists and the polished pundits who hold forth on behalf of “foundations” and “institutes” on our TV and computer screens.

For virtually all of these actors, talk of compromise and civility is merely a stratagem – a tactic to be employed on the path to final victory. Like so many radical and ideologically-driven insurgent political movements throughout history, the modern Right will talk nice for the cameras when it suits their purposes, but progressives should be under no illusion. Any movement that would obliterate the separation of church and state, forever deny fundamental human rights to LGBTQ people, roll back the basic human freedom to control one’s own reproduction, transform killing machines into sacrosanct icons and endanger the very survival of the species by denying the existential threat posed by environmental degradation is not one with which to compromise; it is one to be overcome.

Roger that. Aside from the fact many of the right-wing's positions are intolerable, they just can't be trusted at all, anymore. Berger and Moore have proved that, and Congressional Republicans just proved it with clarity with their embrace of Trump's tax scam. They can't be trusted to "share" power, because they will use it every time to hurt people already suffering. We don't have the luxury of bi-partisan cooperation, and we definitely don't have the time or resources to waste on such attempts.

What a loathsome individual. Apparently his New Year's resolution is to be even more of an irritating troll.

It's hard to believe, but it really has been going on for that long. And Republicans have taken every opportunity to fuck over NC'ians, and added countless "special" sessions to create more opportunities. We need relief, and soon...

We've been peacefully marching in NC for years now, and Republicans barely bat an eye. It's time to march to the polls, and send them home for good.

That's what happens when you replace a seasoned, experienced, and compassionate public servant with a GOP corporate sellout. And shame on the media for not beating the drum over this.

And we need to be ready to capitalize on this. 170 seats, folks.

That's nice to know, but these sort of "baseball stats" have a habit of giving people a false sense of security. This won't happen unless we make it happen, regardless of what historical trends might tell us.

Hopefully more voters will come to this realization:

I had written to both Sen. Thom Tillis and Sen. Richard Burr regarding their roles in the federal government, and have received boiler-plate answers. My understanding of a lawmaker is that, even when he or she gets elected by a partisan (gerrymandered) district, he or she is competent to see the benefits of legislation to the majority of the population (who voted or not), rather than to the selected few who voted for them.

When representing the people of the state, personal beliefs and dogmas should be left at home. A General Assembly must truly represent the general public and not an artificially closeted entity.

There is a word that accurately describes this callous misunderstanding of their responsibility: Hubris. The belief that they alone are capable of understanding what needs to be done, the wishes of the people be damned. And every year they're allowed to remain in power, that hubris grows stronger. There's only one way to cure that malady, the surgical removal of that power.

On that contemptible note, here's your Onion:

I can't help it, that always makes me giggle like a little girl...