Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start with some soothing words to unruffle feathers:

ACLU_NC 10:22am via Web .@RepDavidRLewis: "We understand there are some orgs who are going to be opposed to voter ID on principle.And we respect that." #ncga #ncpol

Yeah, well. It's nice to talk about respecting others, but the real test comes when they speak, and you either tune them out or actually listen. So far, the only people the NC GOP has listened to are temper-tantrum-throwing self-appointed hall-monitors who brandish poorly-researched fallacy-laced "evidence" of a problem that exists in such small numbers it takes an electron microscope to discover them. On a positive note, I'm pretty sure I used up all my extra hyphens on that second sentence. That's worth like fifty points, right?

angienewsome 10:21am via HootSuite Meadows opens 18 district offices in WNC ow.ly/inshO #avlnews #wncnews #ncpol #NC11 #ashvegas

Methinks Congressman Mark has figured out a bold new approach to acquiring properties. Here's some advice to his constituents: I wouldn't go into one of those offices asking for help to avoid foreclosure. Just sayin'. A web and a spider come to mind...

Blueberrier0341 10:41am via Web NORTH CAROLINA: Wake Co. food Nazis want to ban school fundraising groups from selling sweets triangle.johnlocke.org/blog/?p=16935 #tcot #ConsNC #NCGA #p2

I thought we outlawed Godwin's Law on the #ncga hashtag? Or is that something Hitler would do...

clarkriemer 10:56am via Web Senator Cherie Berry? Wow. bit.ly/165Xqvk #NCPol

Sweet Baby Jesus. I wonder what percentage of the voting public has ridden an elevator in the last few years, and had some subliminal message of efficiency embedded into their minds when the elevator didn't break down. That sounds like something Hitler would do...dammit.

NCPoliticalBeat 11:13am via dlvr.it [Under the Dome] Congressman McIntyre to get boost from national party in 2012 bit.ly/XKHIkR #NCPol

Okay, aside from the fact the Vulcan Science Directorate has plainly stated, on numerous occasions, that time travel is simply not possible, Mike won his election. I don't see the need to risk contamination of the timeline and the many possible paradoxes that would entail, just so he can win by a larger margin. It's poor judgment calls like this that weaken our party.

SamWalkerOBX 11:46am via TweetDeck #NoComment RT @NCWildlife: Director Gordon Myers with a corn snake at #NCGA pic.twitter.com/3ILzrbjcIT

This is what's known as a crossover Tweet, appealing to both the #NCGA corn people and the #ncga NC politics people. Like Hootie and the Blowfish sliding over into Country music. In other words, very little appeal.

Barry_Smith 12:45pm via HootSuite RT @JohnLockeNC: CJ's @Barry_Smith reports on program to boost rural charter schools in NC #ncga #ncpol ow.ly/inpEv

Yeah, that's real brilliant. Considering that school infrastructure (new building, maintenance, etc.) comes out of local (County) coffers, expanding charters into these areas is going to a) decrease/disperse funding for needed structural work, or b) place a huge burden on taxpayers, or c) both of the above. Any more bright ideas?

On that frustrating note, here's your Onion:

The Onion @TheOnion 14h
Giant Hole Swallowing Up Your House Added To List Of Things To Worry About onion.com/YpdzHP

I know, right? And I just went back to watching the news channels a few days ago, in the hopes that they'd finally gotten that whole "doom and gloom" thing out of their systems.