Tuesday Twitter roundup

Anti-government sabre-rattling:

JohnLockeNC 8:16am via HootSuite
JLF's @jonpsanders urges N.C. legislators to retake REINS in dealing with major state rules. #ConsNC #ncga #ncpol ow.ly/iO27j

Short version: even after two years of Legislative power-grabbing, the skeletal remnants of agencies in the Executive branch are still breathing and making decisions on their own. This must not stand.

This is just sad:

AFPNC 10:55am via Twitter for iPhone
@AFPNC: @AFPNC staff to dress in all black on Monday in honor of JR Ewing, best capitalist the world ever knew. Funeral 9 pm on TNT #ncga

Dude, he was a fictional character. And not a very ethical one, either. If you want to honor someone after their death, try paying attention to what they really stood for:

betseyross 12:55pm via HootSuite 6TH CENTURY SAVAGES: 'Peaceful' #Muslims torch dozens of Christian homes ht.ly/iH4Ks #Islamofascists #TGDN #ncpol #ConsNC

Just to clarify: Muhammad might have been born in the 6th Century, but he didn't have his Godly encounter until about 610, making it the 7th Century before Islam started to percolate. Which reminds me, I'm almost out of coffee beans...

binker 1:56pm via HootSuite #ncgov McCrory told reporters he didn't know about the MetLife deal until 2 days before, when he called CEO. #ncga Video of Q+A to come.

I believe DAG just stepped in a steaming pile of doggy doo-doo. There's bound to be evidence out there showing that to be a lie, and stuff like that eventually comes out. Tick-tock, tick-tock...

I'll come back later and finish this. Got a thing going on with my car battery. Actually, nothing's going on with my battery, which is the thing. It's probably those damn Republicans, sucking up power whenever they can. ;)

I'm back. Apparently it was a brain fart on my part, because as soon as the jumper cables worked their magic, I noticed the headlights were on. As in, had been on all night. Being the hyperbolic naysaying Liberal who refuses to accept personal responsibility that I am, I will blame it on this guy:

PatMcCrony Mar 11, 12:53pm via Web Prof. Skvarla says that over the weekend he devised a way for the sun to rise & set an hour later than usual. Brilliance! #ncgov #ncpol

Because, you see, had it been darker, I would have noticed the headlights reflecting off of trees and leaves and such. I rest my case.

ydnc 9:51am via Chrome on iOS Only 10 cases of in-person voter fraud nationwide since 2010. The #NCGA's reason for voter suppression is BS. #YDNC huffingtonpost.com/mobileweb/2012…

Which, in the mind of a Republican, is still good enough to justify making it more difficult for half a million North Carolinians to vote.

pamspaulding 10:39am via HootSuite MT @Rob_Schofield: New report: Low-wage workers squeezed out of affordable rental housing In Triangle shar.es/efFSq #ncgov #bluenc


“More people in the Raleigh-Cary area are renting now because they see it as a less expensive option than owning a home,” said Satana Deberry, Executive Director of the North Carolina Housing Coalition. “But that means the low-wage workers who have always relied on rental housing are getting squeezed out of the hot rental market.”

Working at the minimum wage in Raleigh-Cary, a family must have 2 wage earners working full-time, or one full-time earner working 93 hours to afford a modest two-bedroom apartment.

The typical renter in Raleigh-Cary earns $12.98, which is $3.90 less than the hourly wage needed to afford a modest unit.

The National Housing Wage is $18.79 in 2013.

On that somber note, I'll leave you with some Onion:

The Onion @TheOnion 2h
In Focus: Pudding-Factory Disaster Brings Slow, Creamy Death To Town Below onion.com/13Jtfe3