Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start with a shout-out to some people who deserve a lot more than just our recognition:

triciacotham 10:11pm via Twitter for iPhone
Big thank you to all the teachers who will spend their $ to set up their classrooms and prepare kids ready to learn. You are our heroes! Thx

I second that emotion, and I also want to thank you for a few other things you don't get paid for. Like taking a big pile of work home, and waiting 'til your own kids go to bed before working on it, so you don't have to sacrifice our kids for your kids, or vice-versa. And for putting extra effort trying to help a troubled child, only to catch a bunch of crap from his or her parent(s) because of their inflated egos. And for the hundreds of other things you do that some of our short-sighted politicians haven't a clue about. Thank you.

louismduke 6:22pm via Twitter for iPhone
Heading down to Greensboro to help set up for our lovely First Lady @MichelleObama coming to town tomorrow! @OFA_NC, #FTW! #Obama2012 #NCPol

Whenever I begin to have concerns about Obama's choices for Cabinet positions and advisors and such, I think about his choice for a lifetime partner, and those concerns sort of fade away.

cthayes75 8:49pm via Twitter for iPhone
RT @NCHouseSpeaker: Speaker Tillis checking out an M1 Abrams battle tank at Bragg today. #ncpol pic.twitter.com/NEkD3GoL

When I read that, the first thing that popped into my head was:

drewfus1 7:25pm via HootSuite
RT @betseyross: YES! Palin Hits 53% Poll Approval Rating: Bests Obama/Romney ht.ly/cC3OB #tcot #ocra #ncpol #rednc #teaparty #palin

Don't worry, it's an online poll, and I'm pretty sure the numbers were skewed by a shadowy group of computer hacker wolves, who have been trying to get her the hell out of Alaska for years now over that bounty thing.

On a side note, this betsyross Tweeter (who, in standard GOP fashion, is probably a guy who can't sew flags) began polluting the ncpol hashtag a few months ago. And when he can't think of anything freshly idiotic to Tweet, will re-Tweet idiotic stuff that he's already Tweeted dozens of times over the previous weeks, forcing me to ask the following question: If you're totally alone in your house, and you find yourself cursing at and arguing with your laptop, does that mean you're crazy?

CadyThomas 4:31pm via Twitter for iPhone
Sen. Berger: #NCGA supports education but need to reform the system. #ncrealestatesummit

How about we start by reforming this Tweet. It should be either "we need" or "needs". It's only 140 characters for God's sake, take an extra three seconds to read it before sending it out here to bother me.

I'll finish with a little humor:

The Onion‏@TheOnion Jailed Nelson Mandela Becomes Fully Rehabilitated Through South Africa’s Stellar Penal System http://onion.com/MQm2lj #ThisWeekInHistory



Proudly supporting bigotry

At first I thought this was a faux account, but it's the real deal:

NCGOP 1:03pm via Twitter for iPhone We just enjoyed a great lunch at Chick-fil-A ! #ncpol pic.twitter.com/xVYlHoxx

Dancing to the tune of (arguably) the worst elected official in the state, Meck Commissioner Bill James, who has taken it upon himself to defend his fellow homosexual haters.