Tuesday Twitter roundup

In honor of Sunshine Week:

gwfrink3 11:40am via Web Violating open meetings law? RT @SarahOvaska @NCPolicyWatch reporter @LindsayWagnerNC kicked out of meeting of #NCGA members & schl supers

The only reason they would do that is because whatever they're planning to talk about is going to be couched in misleading terms which could be easily unraveled to expose their true intent. Not good.

McDonaldsETN 10:24am via Web
RT if you've ever helped devour a 40 piece Chicken McNuggets with your best friend! #imlovinit

Okay, I have snarfed up the last few McNuggets that my children passed over because they were shaped even more wrong than normal or had some (apparently) dark meat lurking under the crispy exterior. But that's because I'm a cheap bastard who hates to pay for food and then throw it away, not because the weird little things tasted good. Okay, they tasted good, but that still wasn't the reason.

NCPDispatch 9:39am via Web How come we can't be against something and that be it? Just because someone opposes you doesn't mean you're being 'attacked' #ncga #ncpol

Um, yes, it does. While the word "attack" is more often associated with a military tactic and has its etymological roots in such, the meaning has expanded to include actively opposing someone else. The key word there is "actively". You can be opposed to something or someone and remain passive (holding back approval or support). But when you take steps to actively oppose, you are attacking.

Just an added note to readers: like any bully, the GOP and its active supporters don't like to be called out for attacking people that are easy to sympathize with, because it exposes them for cowardly bastards that they are.

Speaking of:

timothypeck 10:39am via TweetDeck YAY! /“HB150 takes away power of citizens to say what they want their community to look like,” Mayor McFarlane. newsobserver.com/2013/03/18/276… #ncga

This former BlueNC troll and all-around misogynistic jerkwad has been gleefully trumpeting much of the bad shit that Republicans have been pulling in Raleigh, and especially his idol Tim Moffitt. He's been cheerleading every effort to strip away the powers of Asheville's duly elected government, and I have a feeling his contempt for those citizens is rooted mainly in spite, over a lost election that didn't have a snowball's chance in hell in the first place:

What about Asheville's relationship with Raleigh. Do you see ways it could be improved?

Yes, that can always be improved. Ever since I've been living in Asheville, we've had all sorts of conflicts with Raleigh because we didn't have home rule.

I know we've had a power shift in Raleigh, but I don't see that that's changed things all that much. We've still had a lot of heavy-handed stuff coming from Raleigh, and that's the way it's been set up.

I'd like to see more local rule. I don't know if that's going to improve our relationship with Raleigh. But I'd like to be persuasive on that score.

That's right, a complete and utter reversal from then to now. The only thing that would cause a sane person to flip-flop so extremely is an assload of money (doubtful) or hurt pride (likely). Understand, the only reason I included this little chapter is because guys who try to taunt and/or intimidate women using sexist language piss me off. A lot.

NCCapitol 11:59am via Web #ncga House Transportation: Helmet law repeal, plus bill to either adjust or remove speed governors on school buses. Watch live @ Wral .com

Because having really fast school buses will help propel students to greater achievement. If they make it to the school, that is...

You know, I really wanted to post something nice, some good news, as it were, but all I'm seeing is negativity. Maybe it's the people I'm following? Should I seek out a couple of fluffy bunnies and follow them? Anyway, here's your Onion:

The Onion‏@TheOnion18h
“Punxsutawney Phil must suffer the consequences of his erroneous and poorly conceived forecast." http://onion.com/116Chxm


Tuesday Tweet by the President

A tweet by the President on Tuesday:

And a facebook post from today from unitedformarriage.org reminding us that the landmark lgbt supreme court case is coming up in 6 short days:

This is an excellent "first step"

The key issue here is in the definition of the word "marriage", of course. Having a sitting president change his beliefs with regard to who can "marry" is far different than actually having state legislatures and religious entities accepting "marriage" as between two people other than a man and a woman. This hasn't been an easy struggle and will remain a difficult struggle for those that want America to accept the word "marriage" as between those that are other than heterosexuals. This will not be a federal edict unless the Supreme Court says it is and that is most unlikely. This will be an effort that has to be won state-by-state.

It is refreshing to know that President Obama has now changed his opinion/beliefs in this regard. Time will tell if that changes how people believe throughout our country so that the legislatures will accept it as rule of law. I recently saw a poll that said that 53% of the Americans polled agreed that gays should be able to "marry". This is encouraging. But, that doesn't mean it's going to change the leadership that controls how this is looked at in our nation from a legal standpoint.

More steps

This will not be a federal edict unless the Supreme Court says it is

I agree that national level legislative changes aren't likely any time soon, but after the 2010 tea party take over in many states and the resulting redistricting across the nation, that is true of most of the progressive issues out there. The courts are going to be incredibly important for the rest of this decade.

Luckily the President's step is not the only step. The Democratic Party has endorsed marriage equality in it's official party platform, and LGBT caucuses are now a part of the Democratic Party across the nation. In NC we have LGBT caucus organizations at the district level, and recently have been adding them at the county level too.

And from the Republican front Senator Portman (was on the GOP VP shortlist) has endorsed marriage equality, and about 100 prominent Republicans have signed on in support of marriage equality in a brief to the Supreme Court including "top advisers to former President George W. Bush, four former governors and two members of Congress" and in the RNC's debrief over the last election "the 97-page report specifically singles out the GOP's stance on gay-rights issues as being a key contributor to alienation among younger voters and one that must be addressed if national Republican candidates wish to win at the ballot box."

That rings true with a recent poll showing 81% support for marriage equality for those under 30. I just hope the Supreme Court, when they take up the freedom to marry cases in 6 days, keeps in mind that long view and their legacies. There are vigils and events planned for the coming week across the country including about 10 so far for NC all across the state in support of the freedom to marry.