Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start out with a little brisk propaganda:

NCCivitas 4:19pm via TweetDeck While Wake Co. delegation meets #CivitasPoll finds 44% of NC voters support canceling #DixDeal, 33% oppose. #NCGA #NCPol

Of course, when you peel this rotton tomato, you better have some smelling salts handy:

Text of question*:

At the end of last year, over 300 acres of state-owned land in downtown Raleigh was leased to the city of Raleigh by outgoing Governor Bev Perdue. The lease is for 99 years at a rate well below market value. The city of Raleigh announced plans to make the land a destination park. But now, there has been legislation introduced in the state legislature to cancel that lease and renegotiate it. Some land would be retained by the state to consolidate state workers with the existing buildings on site and the remainder of the land would be put out for lease at a market rate. Do you favor or oppose the legislation canceling Perdue’s lease with the City?

Here's some friendly advice for the puppets: when your (push)poll question is too long to squeeze into two separate Tweets, you may have crossed the line from being slightly bent to doubled over. I'm just sayin'.

tmillsNC 9:35am via TweetDeck Kay Hagan should support gay marriage. It's both smart politics and the right thing to do. politicsnc.com #NCPOL #USSenate

I agree. Our junior Senator doesn't seem to understand, with polls leaning (finally) in favor of marriage equality, her attempt to be seen as "moderate" is actually moving her into Conservative Blue-Dog territory. More on the Supreme Court watchers:

JoeMyGod 9:21am via TweetDeck Today's hashtags. The good guys: #Time4Marriage. The asshats: #MarriageMarch

Pam Spaulding @pamspaulding 32s
Around #NC today: Vigils for Marriage Equality! on.fb.me/105pLxf @equalitync equalitync.org/lighttojustice #lgbt

NPR Politics @nprpolitics 29m
Stay tuned to NPR's special coverage of #Prop8 at the Supreme Court today, co-hosted by @frajam and @acarvin here on @nprpolitics.

Breaking News @BreakingNews 29m
Live video: Watch live scenes from the Supreme Court as high court prepares to hear arguments on Prop. 8 - @NBCNews bit.ly/XDPnzp

And now a word from one of the asshats:

Jessica Wood @jessicanwood 31m
Great analysis from @EWErickson - Gay Marriage & Religious Freedom Not Compatible #marriagemarch redstate.com/2013/03/26/gay…

Right, because every time a gay couple gets married, an angel loses its wings, and then has to ride the *&^@#$%^& bus to work. ;) Dumbass.

Speaking of:

USABob Mar 25, 8:18pm via TweetDeck Expert Forensics Profiler Suggests BHO Preparing 4 Martial Law: bit.ly/X8H5ER #teaparty #tlot #tcot #lnyhbt #TGDN #guncontrol #2A

betseyross 1:15am via HootSuite RED DAWN ALERT: General Amos Warns His Marines about a "different landscape" ht.ly/jpgqp #TGDN #ncpol #lnynbt #news #ConsNC

And you folks on the right get offended when nobody takes you seriously? You gobble up this kind of tripe along with the rest of your political education meal served to you on a platter by corporate propagandists, and you want to have an honest and healthy debate? It ain't possible.

It's Onion time, baby:

The Onion @TheOnion 22h
Shutting off nation’s 14 lights at night so country is much more difficult to see onion.com/14jsDvR #NorthKoreaWarPreparations