Tuesday Twitter roundup

The never-ending battle continues:

In case you haven't been paying attention, women are slowly (but surely) losing this war. If you're a state (or Federal) candidate and women's reproductive freedom is not in your top five platform issues, you need to do some re-arranging. Pronto.

Of the 50 wealthiest members of Congress (from both houses) 18 are Democrats and 32 are Republicans. In other words, STFU Aamin, you're out of your element.

What a bummer. I really enjoyed his razor-sharp wit.

Does anybody know who he's talking about? I don't really care, per se, but Evil Steve is very curious and he's driving me insane...

Don't expect John Hood to bat an eye, such considerations don't even register on his radar.

Right, because that's what the 9th District needs, somebody else abusing election laws. Sheesh.

Lol! Leave it to JLF to try to polish that resume for him. Wouldn't be surprised to see Dallas join the Puppet Show in some form or another.

Wait, I thought Hayes was the one indicted. You're keeping him around, but cutting Dallas loose? What a clusterfuck...

And now we know why Trump appointed him. Of course it won't matter to Republicans, because they've sold their souls for a tax cut. But we know.

Flip that damn seat, and several more...

Whoever emerges out of that snarling pack will have tons of money thrown at him/her, so don't let this keep you from donating to Dan.

Wow. This rally might be the biggest one so far...

Again, don't waste your breath on Andrew Dunn, he's lost what little cred he had in the realm of journalism. Now he's just a lobbyist for bad government.

On that nauseating note, here's your Onion:

Well, whoever it is has got to be an improvement...