Tuesday Twitter roundup

More notes from the Kakistocracy:

Well, at least she didn't push any Amway products on them...

This is going to be big, to say the least. Tillis managed to piss off everybody with his flip-flop on Trump's "emergency" nonsense, so he may not even survive the Primary. I just hope (to god) the DSCC stays out of the Dem Primary, but that may be asking too much.

Yep, gotta get all that pesky public business out of the way so they can bask in RLCC cash.

Now this is a big, stinking mess. Courtesy of the Republican Party, of course.

Well, I guess that settles that. Now about those absentee ballots...

Hoo, boy. This could be very helpful in tracking fugitives, kidnappers, car thieves, etc. But it could also turn into a surveillance state nightmare.

Here's a clue: When Civitas posts your picture in a congratulatory fashion, you know you've done something wrong.

Maybe it's because, at the end of the day, Republicans just don't care about public sector employees? Then again, I've been trying to send that message to SEANC for several years now, ever since they gloated about "negotiating" their way out of the dues-from-the-paycheck thing that hurt NCAE, and it hasn't got through yet. Tired of trying.

If that stinker does pass out of both houses, it's definitely Veto material.

Actually, publishing conspiracy theories and propaganda in order to incite violence against minorities is about control, not free speech. If Alex Jones and Yolo Manopolis want an audience, they can have their Klan meeting in Rusty's garage.

On that disgusting note, here's your Onion:

This may be exactly how I feel...



Club For Growth strikes again...

Which is of course really not necessary, because she's only pulling/polling about 4%. But I'm sure Grover's cut-my-taxes illegitimate offspring has something up its sleeves.

Tilis's challenger in the primary ...

... is a Senior Fellow with the Locke Foundation.

I take this as a clear sign that the Art Pope-Koch brothers money machine is putting their chips on getting rid of Trump.

This will likely be a common theme with 2020 - the grassroots, hardcore of the GOP who love the racism, bigotry, and chaos of Trumpism against the GOP money men who want the racism, bigotry, and tax breaks for themselves without the tariffs and instability of a pretend businessman running the country.