Tuesday Twitter roundup

What the GOP wanted all along:

Widening the gap between the Two Americas.

After following the behavior of astroturf organizations over the last ten years, this comes as absolutely no surprise to me. Just one more nail in the coffin of Duke Energy's integrity.

Good! We need to make sure whoever takes that job can recognize a lying sack of shit when she sees it.

I'm sure you are. But whatever Brooks Pierce bills for your services will be too much, by far.

I have mixed feelings about McGrady, especially after he failed to stop the Wind Energy moratorium. But I have a feeling we will be missing him soon after his replacement takes that seat...

Advice I can definitely live without:

Some of the lessons for the Democrats is that Kerr Scott lived all his life on a dairy farm, and every weekend, he went back — even as governor. And so he was always very close to his constituents. He was a big hunter, he was very religious. He often talked about things in kind of a religious way. So he could push forward his progressive program in a way that was culturally acceptable to people who are more conservative, because he understood people, and he also understood their needs.

As a native of Alamance County, I can safely say the legacy of the Scott family did not produce much in the way of "progressive" change here. I get that it was a different time, I'm just not sure Rob understands that.

Our public school system is not "failing," but every dollar that's stripped away for private and for-profit charter schools merely pushes those schools in that direction. Why do certain groups always ignore that fact?

Honestly, with all the people suffering under GOP tyranny, I find it (very) hard to give a shit about "liberating" liquor.

Strangely enough, that was exactly what I thought when you and your brethren held special sessions to strip away Governor Cooper's Executive powers after he beat McCrory. I wonder if those two things might be related...

And now Trump lovers are even more confused than they usually are...

Maybe they didn't put you on TV because spouting nonsense about communism is more of a mental condition than a political stance? Just spitballing here...

"Okay, these gadgets we gave you are called Smart telephones. Believe it or not, you can actually take a photograph with these things, and then make that photograph appear on the Internet!"

On that silly note, here's your Onion:

Ah, I knew there had to be a legitimate reason...