Tuesday Twitter roundup

The party of dirty tricks is at it again:

Every single Republican was present, so the only reason to postpone the vote is to wait until more Democratic absences. Inexcusable abuse of both the system and the participants.

Don't you mean happy "Treason" day? Or maybe happy "We're going to get our asses kicked for four years before surrendering" day? One of those two things.

Geremy begs to differ:

I endorse all those messages...

The short answer is, "No." That's also the long answer...

Here's a little Facebook to break up the Twitter monotony:

Also, if that Born Alive bill is as "inconsequential" as Colin says it is, that makes Don Davis' vote to override even worse.

Uh, no. Won't be doing that. If I wanted to torture myself, I'd (try to) read Ayn Rand again. I mean, forget about the whole Libertarian thing for a minute, the writing is just bad. Baaad.

A wise man once said, "Just because a person is gay, it doesn't mean they're not an asshole." Don't Google it, I'm the wise man who just said that.

Dude, *you* don't even believe that, and the rank and file Republicans? They just want a government so small they could drown it in a thimble.

I hope they squeeze every last dime out of you, jerk. Your immoral actions put an elderly, disabled woman's life at risk, and no amount of whining will make that go away.

He's ^ not wrong. He's also a very good boi...

After following this crook's business practices for years, it wouldn't surprise me to find out every building he's got is leveraged by two of his other buildings, with the whole thing perched on the edge of collapse.

Not ashamed to admit, I couldn't have said it better myself. And another of the many lessons Joel Ford will probably not learn: Don't screw around with John Burns. You'll lose every single time.

That's pretty much all he is, and all he's ever been: A guy who might beat Roy Cooper. What are his policy positions? To hell with public schools? Tell women to put a bible between their knees? Give gay people a one-way ticket to New South Wales? To be the most photographed politician in NC history? The NC GOP has literally scraped a hole in the bottom of the barrel with this guy, and the only photograph I want to see of him is on the side of a milk carton. Which they don't do anymore, but they should bring it back for Lost Dan.

On that dry-retching note, here's your Onion:

I wouldn't put it past him. He really hates Iran, for some reason. Maybe he tripped on a Persian rug one time, and broke his favorite Yale coffee mug? Probably something like that.