Tuesday Twitter roundup

Time to start crunching the numbers:

Pay close attention to the Rainy Day fund:

After a three-day weekend, legislators return to Raleigh today where all eyes will be on the NC Senate’s budget. The House passed its $23.9 billion spending plan in early May, and now the Senate is revealing its priorities. Monday evening, Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger teased out a few highlights including the promise of:

$1.3 billion in additional spending for public education over two years
average teacher raises (excluding bonuses) of 3.5 % over two years
Funding for 100 new school psychologists
A 5% raise over two years for most full-time state employees
$1.1 billion for the state’s Rainy Day Fund over two years

Berger will talk more about the Senate’s budget during a 10:00am press conference.

Berger also says this will boost the Rainy Day fund up to $2.4 Billion, but it was already more than that early last year, if I'm not mistaken. Something stinks...

Don't get me wrong, I completely agree with this sentiment. But this (identical) Tweet has been posted like every hour on the hour for a few weeks now. Robo-tweeting is not only pointless and irritating, it's actually an insult to the people you're trying to convince. Just don't do it.

Tillis is a jackass, it's not surprising he would choose money over veterans. Hopefully they will remember.

Yeah, I mean, no. Any candidate who gets a thumb's-up from Jim Womack is suspect, at best.

Well, they both did. China dumped so much cheap furniture and other goods into our economy, American producers couuldn't cut costs deep enough to compete. Trump is about 40 years late with his tariffs.

Lol! Yeah, good luck with that. I'm surprised Republicans tolerate the few women they've elected, and you expect more? Don't hold your breath...

He's got to get his nap time in, or he gets cranky.

Every municipality in the state dictates what citizens can and can't do with their property. For every "touring musician" couple that make ends meet by renting their house for a week or two while they're on the road, there are fifty others who would buy a house as an investment so they could rent it out like a beach house. Ask the neighbors and police up in Asheville how much fun that is, then get back with me.

Yeesh, talk about being out of touch. An endorsement by McCrory is about as impressive as having Ernest. T. Bass throw a rock at your window...

One point that needs to be part of any advocacy about Medicaid expansion is the coverage gap:

Currently, a family of four with working parents cannot earn more than $9,000 to qualify for Medicaid. But they earn too little to qualify for federal subsidies to buy their own insurance. They fall into a coverage gap. The good news is that we can follow the lead of 37 red and blue states and close the gap. Doing so would allow an estimated 500,000 North Carolinians to gain access to affordable health care. … And here’s the clincher, closing the gap is fiscally responsible. It requires zero state dollars as the federal government pays 90 percent of the costs and the rest is paid by hospitals and health plans.

To better highlight the absurdity: "They don't earn enough money to get assistance from the government." Conservatives at Civitas will tell you expansion is too expensive (which is a lie), but they won't talk about the horrific inequity of middle-class families receiving assistance while the families below them on the income totem pole go without. We need to fix this, asap.

On that sober note, here's your Onion:

See, it's funny because the other guy promised to...*sigh* Nevermind. If I have to explain the joke, life is simply not worth living.