Tuesday Twitter roundup

The stench of desperation:

Well of course they looked at the files, how else were they supposed to determine if they were relevant to the case? As far as classifying them as "secret," you can't have your cake and eat it, too. You can't claim you did all the work yourselves on Legislative computers, but then claim the files contain "sensitive" information.

I talked with Cal briefly earlier this year, and I actually heard a couple of people mention national issues that had nothing to do with a Lt. Governor's purview. He says a lot of people have done that, which is why he changed his mind. And I believe him.

Tillis (like many Republicans) resorts to projection continuously, completely oblivious to the irony.

Nobody wants to listen to Pat F**king McCrory analyze or speculate on anything, much less public policy or electoral issues. Might as well try to carry on a conversation with a pet rock...

Why should today be any different than every other day for the last...hell, I don't even know how long.

That's "Hayes" Travis. And now, for some reason, I can't get Mr. Haney on Green Acres out of my mind...

Gotta love John Cole. :)

Yeah, they need to be asked that question every hour on the hour, until that money is put back. Crazy.

No it won't, that's just your dark money addiction speaking. The voters (and candidates) deserve to know who's paying for campaign ads, so they can take that under advisement.

I've been off popcorn for years, but I might have to take it back up...

Not good. For every rural hospital that closes, unnecessary deaths are sure to follow. We can no longer ignore this problem.

Proving that GOP lawyers still haven't learned their lesson about cramming hyperbole and inflammatory language into their court motions. I would also add: The NC Senate is right smack in the middle of a cramped calendar of legislation *and* Budget negotiations with the House. David Lewis has no business trying to back-seat litigate this case (on Twitter, no less) with all that work that we actually pay him to do piling up.

On that irritating note, here's your Onion:

Never thought I would say this, but we have way too many candidates...



Bonus Onion:

I spit coffee in the general direction of my keyboard, but luckily it fell short. That is frickin' hilarious...

More Joel Ford nonsense...

Keep in mind, the Primary is over. But that's irrelevant, since Dan didn't have a Dem challenger. So basically, Joel Ford is trying to help Republican Dan Bishop get elected. Nevermind HB2, which "moderate" Joel really doesn't give a shit about. Bishop also funded an Alt-Right internet platform teeming with racists and White Supremacists, who would run Joel Ford over in the street if given half a chance.

Reason #43 I'm glad Mujtaba Mohammed won his Primary race.