Tuesday Twitter roundup

Crank it up so those in the back can hear:

I agree too. NC Republicans punished tens of thousands on North Carolinians in an effort to kill the Affordable Care Act, and it didn't work. It's long past time to stop that punishment.

Subjecting women to propaganda and moralistic garbage, especially under the guise of trying to be "helpful," should not even be allowed, much less funded by the taxpayers of NC. Even the name of the "clinics" is intentionally misleading, but that's par for the course with the anti-choice crowd.

I just gotta take a peek at these:

In 1994 McCrory Voted To Condemn Two Pieces Of Land For A New Water Line Which Abutted Duke Property And Would Allow The City To Buy Power From The Company. “At least once, however, McCrory was accused of putting Duke over duty when, in 1994, the then-mayor pro tem voted to condemn two pieces of land for a new Charlotte water line. What he did not disclose, said a North Carolina Supreme Court justice in a written opinion, was that McCrory knew the land abutted Duke Energy property. And the city would be free to buy power from Duke if it could gain control of the land.” (Richard M. Barron, “Breaking Silence, McCrory Discusses Career With Duke,” Greensboro News & Record, 3/2/14)

McCrory, Who Voted In Favor Of The Condemnation, Exchanged Internal Emails With Duke Officials Discussing The Land. “But Justice I. Beverly Lake Jr. wrote a dissenting opinion that took aim at McCrory. In the opinion, Lake said that McCrory exchanged internal emails with Duke officials and discussed condemning the land for the project. McCrory then voted in favor of the condemnation at a meeting he chaired while the mayor was away, Lake wrote.” (Richard M. Barron, “Breaking Silence, McCrory Discusses Career With Duke,” Greensboro News & Record, 3/2/14)

This is just a small extract of McCrory's assessment, and a lot of it reads like a litany of bad laws passed by the GOP General Assembly and signed by McCrory. Bookmark it, because too soon we forget...

It's all a big game show to this idiot.

As infuriating as this response is (the state funding hasn't actually been cut yet), it just serves to demonstrate how little faith local boards and governments have in the NC GOP leadership.

This can't be said enough. I am genuinely exhausted by the right-wing's near-constant refrain about NC's Democratic Party of the late 19th Century and early 20th. It's a distraction, and they know it's a distraction, and they also know deep down they are pointing at themselves. The Democratic Party outgrew its racism, and those that couldn't evolve found comfort in the bigoted arms of the NC GOP.

Here they go again, creating a problem that doesn't exist. College campuses are naturally pretty tight with their parking regulations, but they also are well-prepared to handle not-necessarily-student events like early voting. This is just a disingenuous effort to stifle the college vote, so we can probably expect NC Republicans to try it soon.

Unfortunately, the clock is ticking. The NCGA needs to grant an extension on this upgrade(?), or the 2020 Primary is going to be even more of a clusterf**k that it's already shaping up to be.

Oh, it might affect a point or two. But they know enough to make a difference. U.S. House Republicans voted two years in a row to cut Medicare by half a trillion dollars over an 8-10 year period, and they lost control of the House. The same thing is going to happen to NC Republicans if they don't get on board now with expanding Medicaid.

Yeah, right. Here's Dan Forest doing his photo-op thing with Betsy DeVos, going to DC in an effort to grab some of that Michigan Amway money:

But I guess since his main money man is about to go to prison along with Robin Hayes, he's got to put on the red light.

On that shallow note, here's your Onion:

Now that one's a classic...