Tuesday Twitter roundup

The big day is Friday:

I am running for local office again this year, and I challenge each and every one of you to take a look at the people who are running for your town/city council and boards of aldermen. Some of these folks would do a fantastic job, but some of the others have no business even running. Pay attention, and make sure to vote. Don't let 10% choose who will run your town, or you will probably regret it.

Lol! You both lost me at "Satan's work," but thanks for playing...

The Legislation was "killed" not because it was a bad idea, but because the sponsor knew Republicans were going to put on (another) show without actually giving members a chance to vote on it.

I endorse this message.

You're not real good at logical arguments, are you? Prior to Citizens United, we had some fairly decent mechanisms in place to track campaign money. If we hadn't, you wouldn't even know about those Dem pay-to-play things you're complaining about. Think before you type, and then think again before you post.

Much as I hate to say it, I'm sorta pulling for Greg Murphy. Because this lady is bat-shit crazy. (p.s. pardon the sexism and reductive language about mental health, but damn.)

Macon? Sorry, sorry, some days I get up and just say some really inappropriate things, like making fun of a man's wife's name, but...Macon? What the hell were her parents thinking? Sorry, sorry...

Yeah, I mean, no. Most of those people are leaving one suburb for another. Look at your maternity stats, I'll be waiting...

This is pretty huge:

DuPont could have permanently stopped discharging perfluorinated compounds – PFAS – from its Fayetteville Works plant into the Cape Fear River nine years ago, but decided against it in order to foist the liability onto a spinoff company, court documents allege.

The 64-page complaint, filed by Chemours against its former parent company, DuPont, lays out a series of stunning allegations, that if true, reveal the nefarious actions of a billion-dollar company determined to avoid financial and legal responsibility for environmental disasters.

DuPont allegedly underestimated to Chemours the true costs of its environmental cleanups. Instead, DuPont capped the costs at amounts far less than what Chemours had to pay. And an indemnity clause in the corporate documents purports to release DuPont from the legal and financial burden – presumably forever.

DuPont “orchestrated a spinoff of its Performance Chemicals unit into a new company, Chemours, as part of a plan to try to offload its historical environmental liabilities,” the court documents read.

Hopefully this won't turn into one of those, "We can't hold anybody accountable" things, but I fear it's headed that way.

Of course you do.

This has become her thing, posting a scripture quote every few days or so. Don't try to figure out what it's in reference to, as far as the political or social landscape, because that way lies madness. It's merely Christian feng shui for social media...

Brent's been smoking the wrong (right?) kind of hemp again. Why would we turn over a suspected multiple murderer to the Feds? So they could deport him? Federal authorities would not prosecute him for homicide unless he had killed people in multiple states, which he apparently didn't do. You should install a carbon monoxide detector, because apparently your brain is not receiving the right mix...

On that illogical note, here's your Onion:

I'm pretty sure we're not smart enough to understand. Maybe he should go back to 2015 and give it a try?