Tuesday Twitter roundup

Here we go again:

But it's not in the Veto garage, it's in the Veto driveway. Just leaving it on the Agenda until enough Dems go to the bathroom? You can tell Phil Berger is about to blow his top:

In the absence of a line-item Veto, of course the entire Budget is being held back. But Phil Berger is the very last person who should talk about hostages. Hostage-taking is the only way he knows how to lead.

Yes, it should get a hearing. Maybe a couple of hearings. But the Budget still sucks, regardless of this carrot-dangling. Fix it.

Yeah, Brent will talk (write) your ear off when it comes to AirBnB, but his party-line rhetoric is so tired it can't walk to the mailbox.

I'm glad John Hood is against gerrymandering, but lest we forget: The 2010 debacle that gave the NC GOP absolute control over the General Assembly, which then took racial and partisan gerrymandering to a whole new level, was engineered in a large part by hundreds of thousands of dollars from Art Pope. If John was truly a strong advocate for redistricting reform, he could have stopped (or softened) that gerrymandering, and avoided said "costly, tiring, and divisive" litigation. But here we are.

Also known as "Lobbying via Twitter." It's promotional crap like this that sullies the platform, IMO. Aside from the rabid right-wingers, that is:

What? Seriously, what? Are you on house arrest like Paul was? You know what, forget I asked...

Wait, so you wrote a letter in response to an editorial, and somebody wrote a letter in response to your letter in response. And this is your response to the response of your response. See, that's why newspapers make you wait for a few weeks before they publish another letter, because that shit is straight out of middle-school.

Even if I had the energy, just the thought of trying to follow the underage cigar money trail gives me the beginnings of a headache...

None of those things are even remotely true. This is why we can't have nice things, because 1/3 of all Americans are morons.

Dan Forest has been "running for Governor" ever since he graduated from pre-school. He'll probably still be running in 2036...

On that depressing note, here's your Onion:

"Oh this is nothing. You want hot, you should go to the Outback like I did."