Tuesday Twitter roundup

Reason #47 why this Budget had to be Vetoed:

You haven't heard Republicans complaining about this line item being "held hostage," have you? That's because they don't want rank & file voters to know about this, it was included to please an extremist subset of their base.

In true Trumpist form, denying the glaringly obvious:

JudgesMatterNC @judgesmatternc

We share info about law / judges / candidates. Not authorized by any candidate, party, or committee.

And of course their profile pic is a "Paul Newby for Chief Justice" campaign sign. Idiots.

Of course it makes perfect sense, which is why Republicans hate the idea.

Must be nice to have that kind of money to sling around...

Actually, a "principled conservative" would not need to be propped up by an indicted millionaire, but thanks for playing.

They think this is an endorsement, but it's really an indictment. When you do the bidding of corporate-backed out-of-state entities, you are no longer a public servant, you are a shill. And your constituents should toss you out like yesterday's trash.

Anybody who would cheer such un-American nonsense are the ones who should leave. I'd be tickled to death if AOC and Ilhan were my next-door neighbors. I might actually have a cookout in their honor, but don't expect steaks or lobster. because I'm a hot dog & hamburger man.

Yeah, don't hold your breath, my friend. Hudson is a little weasel, and I apologize to all the weasels I've insulted with that reference.

Is it possible he's not aware how goofy that smile is?

Apparently they need that extra 20% to make up for all the kids who are falling behind and bringing their performance levels down. Also known as, "Throwing good money after bad," something the anti-public school crowd has been chirping for years.

What Ray said. Republicans are playing a head-count game with this, and it needs to stop. Just take a vote.

Okay, let's do that. Here is the Oxford Reference definition:

The inability or refusal to recognize the rights, needs, dignity, or value of people of particular races or geographical origins. More widely, the devaluation of various traits of character or intelligence as ‘typical’ of particular peoples. The category of race may itself be challenged, as implying an inference from trivial superficial differences of appearance to allegedly significant underlying differences of nature; increasingly evolutionary evidence suggests that the dispersal of one original people into different geographical locations is a relatively recent and genetically insignificant matter.

Bolding mine, because the more racist you get, the more likely it is you will point out the differences between Western Civilization/European descent vs. those whose origins were from the Southern Hemisphere. Ask a White Supremacist, if you doubt my words.

This isn't the first time Trump has used this White Supremacist trope, we all remember his comments about "shithole" countries. But the most telling aspect of his obvious racism in this latest Tweetstorm is that he would not have made that comment if they were white. He might say some nasty things about his white opponents, but their Americanism is not in question. Brown people, however, are immediately suspect. It doesn't get more racist than that, but Pete Kaliner can't see the obvious because he's too busy trying to avoid the guilt of supporting such a jackass.

On that contemptible note, here's your Onion:

Meh, just crank up the Chlorine content until everybody's eyes are red. That'll fix it.




Mark Meadows is a quantumly entangled jerk. That's a jerk who pisses me off just as much when he's in DC as on the rare occasion he oozes home to the mountains.