Tuesday Twitter roundup

This is what you do with bad legislation:

If they want to expand, they need to start by fixing their problems. But frankly, this "pilot" is about to crash that plane...

Is that for me? Because I don't respond well to all caps...

Don't waste your breath on Burr's social media posts, he probably doesn't write (or read) them.

No, thank you. There's enough misleading propaganda out there to choke a horse. Here's an idea: Why don't you vote to override that Veto? One way or another, things will get moving again if you do.

Lol! Reverend Al has been throwing political punches for a long time. Best not to piss him off.

Hahahahaha! Sorry, but that's some turbo-charged irony right there...

Note "sponsored" and "advertisement." But it doesn't say who paid for it, which is kinda important. Because laws and such.

Right, so it's the people who stood up against the promotion of Proud Boys (America's version of soccer hooligans) that are the "bullies," and not the Proud Boys themselves. Because being able to beat the shit out of people in the streets is freedom? Or something?

Pay attention, folks. If you move to a different street address (even next door), your voter registration needs to be updated. Doesn't matter if you're still in the same voting precinct, it still needs to be fixed.

Yeah, that's very Mark Walkerish...

Yes, this is a huge problem, and expanding Medicaid is one (important) piece of the puzzle.

That's about the gist of it. Every elected Representative (and Senator) wants to secure needed things for their particular District. It's kind of why they're there. But for every carrot Republicans offer Dems there's a stick in the background, and you can't play their game without eventually getting whacked.

On that preachy note, here's your Onion:

Maybe somebody should mention something to Trump about Russia not liking gerrymandering...