Tuesday Twitter roundup

Somebody has to act:

The NC GOP needs to get with the program on common sense gun regulations. People are tired of thoughts and prayers.

I'll let Geremy take this one:

John is pretty smart, so I can only assume he already knew this but wrote that nonsense anyway. Hell, most standard wells will play out long before 30 years hits, but hydraulically-fractured shale wells are even more limited. Again, Geremy:

The inefficiency of each well is glaringly obvious, to those with two eyes in their head.

And we need to tie that misogynistic noose around their necks come 2020...

Poor Pete seems to be regressing. Surprised they still let him have his own radio show. Then again, McCrory's got one. Apparently not a high bar to achieve...

Hope you asked them about Trump's tariffs, too. But I seriously doubt it.

You know, it's funny we didn't see any of this promotional crap before the shit hit the fan over Mark Johnson's inexplicable choice to grant them the contract...

He's probably getting tired of the Veto override head-fakes just like everybody else.

This is fantastic news. We have to interrupt the school-to-prison pipeline, and the sooner the better.

However this turns out, it has exposed just how convoluted these things can get when nobody really knows who's in charge.

Lol! Pretty sure that picture was taken at the RNC Convention, but leave it to Photo Op Dan to make people think all those people were there for him.

On that sadly predictable note, here's your Onion:

Not an exaggeration...



Bonus Onion:

Again, not an exaggeration. Free market Capitalism = sink or swim. If you can't adapt to somebody coming in and destroying your habitat, maybe you should be extinct...