Tuesday Twitter roundup

Another one bites the dust...

We haven't made a trip to Dailykos in a while, so let's go:

Thompson explains that back in 2007, the Democratic-run state legislature passed a law that requires "requires all investor-owned utilities in North Carolina to get 12.5% of their retail electricity sales from eligible renewable energy resources by 2021." In 2015, the Republican-run legislature tried to reduce this number by more than half. McCready was a member of the board of directors of the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association, which lobbied against the legislation. Ultimately, the bill died after it passed in the state House but failed to get a vote in the upper chamber.

The GOP is arguing that McCready's opposition to rolling back the state's renewable energy requirements will cost taxpayers an additional $149 million in yearly energy costs. That estimate, you won't be surprised to learn, is bogus. It comes from a 2017 study by the Utah State University and an outfit called Strata Policy, which has been funded by millions of dollars from the Koch brothers. The Kochs, of course, made their fortune in the petroleum industry, and the study's head researcher had in fact been the "Charles G. Koch professor of political economy" at Utah State.

Aside from its tainted provenance, progressives have also pointed out that the study itself is "fatally flawed" in a very obvious way: It compared the economic performance of states before and after they passed renewable energy standards without taking into account the fact that most of these laws came into effect just before the Great Recession hit.

Republicans are also, naturally, avoiding any mention of the benefits of renewable energy—or the fact that the people in charge of the state Senate when the rollback died were, well, Republicans.

Republicans are spending tons of money on some of the most spurious attacks on Dan McCready, but there's scarcely a word about their guy, because Dan Bishop is a detestable creature.

Vote to override his Veto, or STFU, because Speaker Moore is the one dragging this out, not the Governor.

Yeah, I mean, no. If I wanted any predictions about the future, I wouldn't be asking the village idiot...

Mr. Cready? I believe somebody made the wrong school choice...

What does a "beautiful wife" have to do with anything? Dan Forest has made a career out of dividing people, attacking women's rights and public school teachers. No amount of "great family man" will wash off that stink.

Lol! More GOP projecting. It wasn't "leftists" who were indicted (twice) for election fraud, it was the everything goes Republican campaign machine.

If that's a typo, it's a doozie. If it's not, we'll add this to the cancellation of NC Spin as really bad news.

They might "cover" pre-existing conditions, but they don't protect you from massive premium hikes. But keep shoveling out that misleading propaganda, we're used to it by now.

I endorse this statement. Mark Meadows is a joke, and a really bad one at that.

Yeah, this is very frustrating. NC is currently ranked #6 in the list of states who have lost rural hospitals, and 1-9 have not expanded Medicaid. Self-inflicted wounds, going untreated.

On that infuriating note, here's your Onion:

That's the safest place for you, pal.