Tuesday Twitter roundup

The real value Twitter can bring to the table:

As opposed to the robotic posting of multiple hourly Tweets with the same message...

Happy Capital Day? Are you insane? Take this one, Geremy...

I feel slightly better after that. Slightly.

Trump really has no grasp of irony, does he?

This (internationally) embarrassing episode grows worse as time goes by:

In 2010, a panel of scientists advising the North Carolina Coastal Resources Commission, which guides the state’s coastal development, issued a report projecting 39 inches of sea-level rise by the end of the century. The report triggered political backlash from developers and the Republican-controlled legislature, which preferred that the commission rely only on historical data. The state ended up passing a law requiring a broader range of projections to dilute findings that sea level rise would accelerate. Newer research has found that the sea level is rising even faster along the southeastern coast than global averages. Instead of considering the best science out there, the governor-appointed commission ultimately limited the science panel’s projections to 30 years into the future.

North Carolina’s Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper, elected in 2017, has begun to loosen these restrictions on how development plans incorporate the latest science. Last year, a month after Florence struck, Cooper issued an executive order to create an interagency climate change council. In late September, the Coastal Resources Commission will look at updating the 30-year limit placed on the science advisory panel as it prepares a five-year update to its 2015 report, according to the News and Observer.

Now I'm wondering if we'll even have a coast 30 years from now...

Something hokey might be going on. It was just a few days ago that Trump announced he was coming the same day:

I guess it's possible they're both coming (one in Union County and one in Cumberland County), but that would be unpresidented (see what I did there?).

That's a laugh and then cry type of funny, right there...

Yes, it's a big problem. We can afford to pay off-duty cops to patrol the halls, but we can't afford to put a nurse in every school. Absurd.

All expenses are paid for? By whom? Talk about your white privilege...

FWIW, that's a really bad golf swing. And he looked up way too soon, which is symbolic of his entire Presidency.

On that clumsy note, here's your Onion:

I think I just coughed up a hairball...