Tuesday Twitter roundup

Today's the big day:

Cue the late-night "refreshing" of election results pages...

You know what? I'm tired of both of these talking points. The Socialism crap goes without explanation, but the "country over party" thing has gotten on my last nerve, too. Countless Democrats have worked their butts off knocking doors, making calls, and all the other thankless tasks involved in a successful campaign, but McCready has tried to distance himself from Democrats at nearly every turn. I understand why he's doing it, but I don't have to like it.

He's not wrong. Union County is sick with Republicans. Trying to build the Democratic Party there be like trying to sell bibles in Waziristan. Okay, maybe not that bad, but you get the picture...

It looks like that's not even an option:

I'm sure Republicans will figure out how to screw it up again...

"But we let you watch the Committee meeting!" Probably.

Yep, I believe he did. I imagine Freudian slips like this happen quite frequently to idiots...

If he did, that would be an even greater insult to military families, using them as a pawn in his plainly corrupted approach to governing.

Ah, I see he's got a handful of black people behind the podium. Didn't see any in the audience, though...

Let me save you the trouble: No, he does not recommend a non-partisan redistricting commission be formed to produce the maps, he merely tried to tie a ribbon on the HB-140 pig. He calls the Legislative staff mentioned in the bill "non-partisan," but it's managed by Paul Coble, who is anything but non-partisan. He's a life-long Republican, who ran (and won) races for Raleigh City Council, Mayor of Raleigh, and Wake County Commissioner. But even worse, he tried to take advantage of Republican gerrymandering by running for Congress in the newly re-drawn 13th District in 2012. Giving him control of the mapmaking process is unwise on several different levels, not the least of which is: If the majority were to flip, Paul Coble would soon be out of a job. And he knows it.

Wasn't that supposed to be about Dan Bishop? That was a rhetorical question of course, because narcissists will be narcissists...

Speaking of:

Here is a litany of reasons Trump is not competent to remain in office:

Donald Trump’s disordered personality—his unhealthy patterns of thinking, functioning, and behaving—has become the defining characteristic of his presidency. It manifests itself in multiple ways: his extreme narcissism; his addiction to lying about things large and small, including his finances and bullying and silencing those who could expose them; his detachment from reality, including denying things he said even when there is video evidence to the contrary; his affinity for conspiracy theories; his demand for total loyalty from others while showing none to others; and his self-aggrandizement and petty cheating.

It manifests itself in Trump’s impulsiveness and vindictiveness; his craving for adulation; his misogyny, predatory sexual behavior, and sexualization of his daughters; his open admiration for brutal dictators; his remorselessness; and his lack of empathy and sympathy, including attacking a family whose son died while fighting for this country, mocking a reporter with a disability, and ridiculing a former POW. (When asked about Trump’s feelings for his fellow human beings, Trump’s mentor, the notorious lawyer Roy Cohn, reportedly said, “He pisses ice water.”)

Not hyperbole or speculation; the entire world witnesses these things on a daily basis.

On that unsettling note, here's your Onion:

Yeah, they're not the sharpest tools in the shed...



That does not surprise me.

I haven't seen anything positive about him on the ncpol Twitter feed in a long time, from either the left or the right.