Tuesday Twitter roundup

Just wanted to get this one on the record:

If you had any integrity at all, you would have stood with Merrick Garland.

I hope you're in the mood for some fiction, because damn:

Coverage of what happened in the media and social media has not been completely accurate. To my knowledge, Republican Members weren’t told to be there for an override vote. No one checked to see if I was going to attend the session. I just assumed there would be votes because the presiding officer the day before told everyone there would be votes. Moreover, I had a bill on the calendar and no one told me we wouldn’t be voting on it.

It seems there was some sort of miscommunication. The Democratic leader, Rep. Darren Jackson (D-Wake), and the Republican Rules Chairman, Rep. David Lewis (R-Harnett) did talk and Jackson came away with the understanding that there would be no votes. He advised his Democratic Members that they didn’t need to attend.

Having been on the floor as session started, I could see that Speaker Moore was puzzled by the sudden absence of Democratic Members. They’d been very disciplined for six weeks and had thwarted his efforts to override the veto. However, on Wednesday the votes on the floor were sufficient to override the veto by the required three-fifths vote.

Speaker Moore was not puzzled at all. He knew the Democrats had been told there would be no votes, which is why he had Jon Hardister message Republicans to "be in your seat at 8:30." There is so much lying going on I can't even keep up with it anymore...

Sorry. If I wanted to read a re-cap of all the GOP propaganda, I would just read a few of these BS "updates" like McGrady wrote above.

The circus is still in town:

North Carolina state Sen. Rick Horner is pointing at a colorful computer screen.

A staffer points and clicks, points and clicks, slightly changing the dimensions of the red, yellow and cyan jigsaw puzzle at Horner's request.

It's a map of the voting districts of North Carolina. Horner, a Republican, is shaping democracy — and generally having a ball.

"It's like a video game!" the senator exclaims, as another chunk of voters moves into the swath that he represents, North Carolina's 11th Senate District. He's moving the voters in an effort to make the district as compact as possible.

"It is sort of like a video game," the staffer laughs as he moves the mouse, "but with much larger consequences."

Yeah, no shit.

That's the newest "blame the Democrats" meme, that they all (except apparently one) should have walked out so there wouldn't be a quorum. I hate Monday Morning Quarterbacking. I also hate using sports metaphors...

Exactly. If Republicans aren't happy with further probes into Kavanaugh, they have only themselves to blame. He was hardly the caliber of John Roberts, or even Neil Gorsuch, and there was overwhelming evidence he had been a sexual predator at one time. But they let their devotion to Trump blind them, and that always catches up with you.

Hoo, boy. This is a result of the complete lack of ethics displayed by GOP leaders, where "it's only cheating if you get caught" is pretty much their modus operandi.

Go get him, Cal.

Okay, that's pretty funny...

Oh, I don't know, how about the right to due process under the law, or the right to not be subject to unwarranted search & seizure? I thought so.

Yikes! And that's where NC Republicans want to send NC DHHS employees to work? A county that would elect a murdering racist? I guess I'm the last one who should point a finger, since my Sheriff is Terry Johnson. But dang, y'all...

On that unsettling note, here's your Onion:

"You can come on in right now if you want. Or this afternoon..."