Tuesday Twitter roundup

Technology in the hands of an unscrupulous man quickly becomes dangerous:

Every map in which he was involved needs to be taken to court, pronto.

I just spit coffee very close to my keyboard, because that is f*u*n*n*y. I had completely forgotten about Stony Rushing, but now I'm kinda hoping they pick him...

Our military can't afford Thom Tillis, unless they want their children attending class in a fricking Quonset hut...

Really scraping the bottom of the barrel there, fellas. Van der Vaart probably thinks electric cars will shock you if you touch them...

Why does it not surprise me that a Republican names her dog "Cash." Seriously, your state Chairman (Robin Hayes) was just indicted for taking bribes. You might want to re-evaluate that dog's name before it sticks...

Good. Ocracoke is in bad shape, and we need a serious government presence there.

Oh, don't worry about that. We might be impossible to herd at times, but these cats will show up at the right place and time to do our business.

Yeah, when you freely admit that a TV show takes lies more seriously than you do, your true colors are showing.

Don't waste your time. Lady Liberty has never allowed logic to guide her trolling, and she ain't gonna start anytime soon.

Can't say I blame 'em. That's a lose/lose scenario, but it's their own damn fault.

We need to peruse this real quick:

The department’s rhetoric has prompted scholars to condemn what they see as a direct threat to academic freedom. While state governments sometimes weigh in on controversial course content, typically in elementary and secondary schools, many academics said this level of federal interest in details of campus offerings crosses a new, troubling frontier.

The letter has also put the field of Middle East studies on edge. Some professors fear that a chilling effect could discourage debates about controversial issues like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Besides the Duke-UNC consortium, 14 other Middle East centers receive Title VI funding. One is the Middle East Institute at Columbia University. Brinkley Messick, the institute’s director and a professor of anthropology, said he was reluctant to comment much on the Duke-UNC investigation, because he didn’t want to draw the government’s attention to the program.

“This concerns the essential role of the research university in a democratic society,” Messick wrote in an email. He described the department’s letter as “an aggressive demand for program ‘balance’ from an administration that is itself decidedly unbalanced.”

Bolding mine, because that's more frightening than the issue at hand. When academia is afraid to attract the attention of the highest elected official in the country, you might be living in a dangerous country.

What she said. One of my biggest concerns after the moving parts of the Green New Deal were presented is that it tries to cover too many bases, and many of those bases have little (or nothing) to do with Climate Change. Understand, I'm not opposed to social justice initiatives or economic equity, but if we don't fix this problem (global warming), those other structural changes will collapse when millions are relocated due to sea level rise. When your house is on fire, you don't paint the walls in nice colors, you put the damn fire out.

Yeah, grabbing an ambiguous quote from another Republican (John Szoka) about the alleged intimidation of Democrats by their leaders just proves you're making shit up. How about the Republican Legislators who were forced out via Primaries like Beverly Boswell and Glen Bradley? Or the ones who resigned or "decided" to retire after their terms were up? The truth is, GOP leaders are ruthless in their control of the caucuses, and everybody (from both parties) knows it.

On that exasperating note, here's your Onion:

Nice shot.