Tuesday Twitter roundup

Pay attention, NC elected officials:

They've been voting by mail in Washington state for years, and everybody loves it. Come on.

FWIW, I would not want to be in her position these days. The pandemic is ravaging Charlotte, exacerbating an already untenable homeless and housing situation, and now she's got the idiot Republicans to deal with. It's easy to say, "She shouldn't have allowed the RNC 2020 in the first place!" But it's sauce for the goose. You host the DNC one year, you can't very well deny the other party.

What (the hell) difference does that make? You need to check and make sure your carbon monoxide detector is still working...

Yeah, but again, I don't expect a damn thing to be done about it.

Whether they are in class or at home, the inequities in our system work against these kids at every turn.

That is the stupidest campaign video I have ever seen, but Donald Trump's knuckle-draggers will probably eat it up. Disgusting.

Oh, well in that case, I see your point. *snarkasm*

Make no mistake, these rallies are not about the pandemic, they are Republican campaign tactics. People think the election has been put on hold? Think again. They're waving Trump (and Confederate) flags, MAGA hats and t-shirts, and viciously attacking mostly Democratic Governors. This isn't about now, it's about November. And we need to make sure they are wasting their time, because the fate of our nation hangs in the balance:

Trump's Wall is more than just a structure, it's a symbol. The same kind of symbolism used in North Korea. And that should scare the hell out of every one of us.

Speaking of symbolism, it's ironic that the drab nursing blue outshines the gaudy American Flag costumes worn by these dingleberries. That's courage, folks. Take a long look.

On that inspiring note, here's your Onion:

And so does the author. :)



Charlotte Covid-19 Peak

The Observer this morning noted that revised figures show Charlotte's peak for late June:

"The greater Charlotte area’s anticipated peak in coronavirus cases may not be until June 27 — marking the latest revised date for when local hospitals could see the greatest strain on resources, Mecklenburg County officials said Monday night.

The county’s model projects a demand for 2,060 hospital beds on June 27, assuming there is 45% social distancing among area residents."

I'm betting that the RNC will have to cancel the convention and very hastily put together some kind of online thing that will be a disaster - the Trumpsters and the GOP will shrug if off, since #TyphoidTrump is going to be the anointed one anyway.

I understand that the DNC is already planning for a virtual convention as a contingency.

That actually aligns with

the thing I posted about the military extending their travel ban through the end of June.

That whole Clay Johnson quip...

about who cuts Cooper's hair would be a perfect opportunity for this kind of thing to backfire on the right-wingers. I'd love to see Cooper fire back with a tweet that just said "My wife." It would be beautiful to behold.

Or one of his three daughters.

I was tempted to Tweet that, but I'll wait to see if one of them says so. I follow them on Facebook. And the 1st Pets, too...

They did use chartered buses

Several friends of mine have sworn off Twitter because of all the right-wing hate and nonsense. But in the midst of that nasty stew, I still find important information exposed hours (sometimes days) before regular media reports it.

What was the bus company?

It shows irresponsibility, at the least, and possible legal liability, at worst, on the part of whoever allowed them to charter buses for this event.

Most importantly - who paid for them?


The image is too far away to see any detail of the buses, and no other media entities have reported on it yet. I'll keep watching...

The answer is, apparently...

Tim D'Annunzio, a Republican/Libertarian activist and some-time candidate for office from Raeford. If you go down the thread from Mark Turner, you'll find this reply:

which leads back to this tweet:

Apparently, they were only putting 9 people on each bus to maintain social distancing, which is one of those things that is hypocritical beyond belief, given what they're busing people off to do.

I've seen some bottom feeders in NC politics ....

... but, yeah, he's a piece of work. I doubt he was doing this out of the goodness of his own heart - I'm sure he coordinating with people in the Trump camp, similar to the Facebook ad he bought trying to out the Trump Ukraine scandal whistleblower back in November.

Not out of the goodness of his own heart...

but was he doing it out of the deepness of his own pockets? I'd be very interested to find out if the money was actually his or if he was just a front-man for someone (or some organization) with a lot of cash to burn to support Trump.

Or some back-scratching ...

He might be funneling money for someone else, but might also be using his own money to curry some favors.

D'Annunzio paid for the buses, but that doesn't mean he's paying for the entire #ReopenNC effort. He could have gotten involved because of his general attraction to nutcase causes, like finding the Ark of the Covenant.